Happy Monday folks! As winter rages on outside and the country is blanketed in snow, warm yourself up with a free treat today, in the form of an exclusive free download from Jazzanova's Alex Barck, exclusively here on Pulse.

The Jazzanova man and Sonar Kollektiv A&R has recently embarked on his solo career; the first venture is a run of vinyl only EPs leading up to the release of his debut album 'Reunion'. For this exclusive download, long term producer and Jazzanova friend Marlow offers a rough cut, heavy hitting remix of the original. And speaking of the exclusivity factor, this special remix isn't included on the vinyl release and isn't planned to be released for some time. Check out Alex's thoights on the remix underneath the cover art for Reunion 1...

"I've followed Mario's (Marlow's) work for a long time now. I love his very own signature sound and soulful touch in all his productions and mixes. It was about time to ask him this favour and has given me a remix full of creativity and rough B-Boy vibes. He combines the rough and smooth moment, just as I like it. Good music is priceless, even for free. Grab this one!"

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