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Culprit Release Abstract Video for New Shall Ocin EP

Prab Kumar, New York - United States - on 18/1/13

Culprit Release Abstract Video for New Shall Ocin EP

Culprit have just released the first of two videos to accompany their new single from Shall Ocin, "Crash into My Love." The video coincides with the release of Ocin's EP of the same name. The EP includes a My Favorite Robot remix of the title track, in addition to two other cuts from Ocin, "Don't Come Here," and "My Little World." The video is fittingly abstract, as the song traverses nu-disco and deep house territory with a far-away vocal that echoes off its walls. Reverby instruments and synth elements fill out the sonic landscape, making for a dark and atmospheric piece of dance music. The cinematic feel recalls one of Culprit's earlier releases, jozif's The Lady B EP. 

Shall Ocin, aka Nicolás Abalos, is an Argentinian born producer whose previous efforts have found a home on Leftroom and Ellum Audio amongst others. Look out for more from this talented producer this year, in addition to the second video for this single to be released soon!

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