Crazy P
Remixed (Vinyl Sampler)

With over a decade in the business, Crazy P have become synonymous with dream laden dance music. Balearic disco, shimmering pop, and the type of deep house that comes packaged with an instant grin – it’s all been part of their template over the time. Saddling up to a home on Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision was a perfect fit for producers of repute and there’s a remix album forthcoming on said imprint re-inventing their tunes.

The vinyl sampler pushes out three of those remixes a as a sneak preview of what to expect, with the Leeds connection maintained by a pair of B’s in Burnski and Bonar Bradberry and a transatlantic twist from Wolf + Lamb. Unsurprisingly the results are great, particularly as all the producers seem to be visibly influenced by the group themselves.

Take Burnski, whose standard template of chunky and raw house music gets side-stepped in the form of a lush disco focused effort. Your reviewer is currently staring blankly into a foggy abyss in the north west of England but with this effort coursing through the headphones, all synth driven glory, scattered handclaps and mesmerizing Danielle Moore vocals, the landscape is suddenly sun kissed shores and azure skies.

Bradberry is next up with a re-imagination of ‘Eruption’. It’s a tough task making the original better, a record so sublime this reviewer would probably beg it to run off to Gretna and make an honest future out of it, if it was an actual person. So Bonar swerves that idea out the window, instead opting for a trackier approach that starts in a hypnotic fashion and focuses on the percussive element.

Snippets of the original’s vocal weave in alongside a very subtle atmospheric build, hastening the drama until the breakdown finally dawns. It’s then the original comes soaring back into sight, Moore’s glorious head-rush of a song and that epic piano line, but just as we get comfortable it slips back into house territory. If the original is your dream wife this remix is the cheeky cock-tease that leads you on, but tantalizing titillation is nothing to shirk at – particularly when it sounds this good.

Closing the release 2020 employ the services of New York’s Wolf + Lamb alongside Slow Hands to get to grips with ‘We only can only be who we are”. The result is on some delicious down-tempo shtick, the cohorts steering well clear of the dancefloor with a beguiling bassline, and a gentle guitar keeping everything nice and moody.

It even ends with a riff that sounds like it’s been stolen from one of those panpipes moods albums that soundtrack depressing shopping centres in places like Telford, but is actually quite good. It’s the final word on what is an extremely impressive EP, and the torch paper for Pavlov-esque salivation at the imminent full album.

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