Rick Wade
Night Addiction EP
[Hold Youth]

It’s often easy to forget that Detroit has plenty of talented producers outside of the techno sound. Rick Wade, one of the earliest pioneers of house music in the motor city, is one such talented producer. On his latest EP, Night Addiction, Wade blends that classic Detroit soul and warmth with contemporary European production.

The title track, Night Addiction, is a jackin’ funk-a-thon which just the right amount of melody and brooding atmosphere. The percussion and bassline are upbeat, shuffly and raw, giving the track an old-school house feel, which is augmented by the disco-esque horn stabs every few bars. The track is topped off with moody chords and strings which slowly mutate throughout the tune but never undergo any massive changes, keeping the charmingly simple groove uninterrupted.

Enter Dawn takes things deeper and into the modern era. Punchy, expertly mixed kicks and hats make up the entirety of the track’s percussion, leaving plenty of room for the soulful but funky bassline, understated chimes and very Detroit flavoured synths to shine. Like Night Addiction, a lot of Enter Dawn’s charm comes from its simplicity and the way Wade keeps what is at its core a fairly simple groove fresh and interesting throughout with well-timed breakdowns and vocal samples.

Hold Youth’s remix of Night Addiction ramps up the funk and swing of the original, turning it into a house/techno/garage crossover beast that will wreck dancefloors. The original’s bassline is chopped-up and resampled, overlayed with chunky, shuffly TR-909 drums and a stack of new vocal samples, warped synths and effects are added to the mix. The resulting concoction is a balls-out, non-stop slice of fun.

To round out the release, S3A deliver a bouncy, disco-influenced house reworking of Night Addiction, though it’s such a thorough reworking it might as well be an original track. Multiple listens will reveal that the bassline from the original is present in heavily modified form, and this forms the basis around which entirely new sounds are built. The plucky strings and heavy kicks, complemented by the raw percussion make this the perfect peak time banger for house dancefloors.

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