Balcazar & Sordo, a deep house duo from Guadalajara, Mexico, have releases on some of the underground’s most influential labels including No. 19, Leftroom and Noir, as well as one of their homeland’s fastest rising imprints, Akbal Music. I had a chance to check in with this duo just ahead of the end of the Mayan Calendar and their appearance at the Time and Space Festival this weekend as well as at BPM. Check out their brand new and properly deep mix and get pumped for what’s in store for these guys in 2013 with forthcoming music already planned on Hot Waves and Supernature.

Pulse Loves... backstories. Tell us about how you were exposed to electronic music? Our approach to electronic music started a long time ago with names like Jean Michael Jarre, New Order, Depeche Mode, Everything But The Girl, etc.

Pulse Loves... dance groups that cite Pink Floyd as an influence. What is your favorite Pink Floyd album, and why? "The Division Bell" is a very complete album with a solid and mature sound that keeps reflecting the soundscapes we love.

Pulse Loves... duos. What is your favorite aspect of maintaining a music partnership? The possibility of creating and at the same time destroying both of our ideas is something that we think enriches us both and enhances our process.

Pulse Loves... collaborations. What is your favorite collaboration project and who was it with? The track we made with Blond:ish was very interesting. The way the work flowed helped us get exactly the sound we had in mind.

Pulse Loves... “Rise” your latest single on Nite Grooves. What was the session like when you recorded this party rocker? We wanted to create a dark track with touches of old school music by using elements we listened to many years ago, and those stabs fit perfectly with that idea. We love the end result.

Pulse Loves... record labels. While you are on many of the best labels in the world, which would be your dream come true to release on? There are several record labels we love to be on: Get Physical,Crosstown Rebels, Diynamic, Off Recordings-just to name a few. There are many other great labels we would love to work with but themost important thing to us is to do it well.

Pulse Loves... support. What DJ were you most excited about that started supporting your tracks? There are so many, Maceo Plex, Johnny White (Art Department), Alex Niggemann, Philipp Jung, Dirt Crew, Matt Tolfrey...and more. The simple fact that people like these DJ's take our music under consideration makes us very happy.

Pulse Loves... airport stories. What was the craziest time you’ve had while trying to catch a flight? This story happened in a flight more than in an airport. In a Moscow - Yekaterinburg flight we where on, we had this very weird eccentric guy sitting right next to us. He started doing a series of strange rituals: first he took his shoes off and touched his feet and put on a strange cream, then he sporadically screamed things like
"huyyyyyyiaaaaa" and at the same time clapped and touched his feet again! We did not know whether to laugh or cry thinking "we have a manic next to us" It was really funny.

Pulse Loves... Mexico. What would you like the international dance community to know about the dance scene in your homeland? Mexican artists are making very good music right now. There are great producers, DJ's, record labels and so much people that are supporting the events. It is something that it has been growing with the years and today you can easily find lots of good things happening thanks to the hard work of a lot of people like Miguel Puente, Louie Fresco, Climbers, Betoko, Hector, The Midnight Perverts, and labels like Neim, Mexa, Akbal..

Pulse Loves... the future. Let us know what your release schedule is looking like for 2013 so far. We have a Hot Waves 4 release very soon and another track on Supernature and a compilation where we’re making a collaboration with the Blond:ish, and we are preparing an EP for a very good label, along with so many other surprises.

Pulse Loves... bad jokes. Before you go, leave us with something to laugh about before while we listen to your mix. We were heading to the airport in the shuttle. Gabriel fell asleep and I hid behind the seat. He woke up and began to look around desperately because he thought he had missed the stop for the airport. He was the only passenger on the bus and almost cried a little!

Listen to Balcazar and Sordo on Pulse Radio.