Day Zero is nearly upon us. The conceptual experience from Damian Lazarus and his team of dedicated and visionary musicians and artists lies just three short days away. In speaking to Defected recently about what fans can expect, Damian says: “Partying has actually become quite safe; you buy your ticket to an event and can pretty much imagine exactly how it will pan out before you walk through the door. I love the idea of creating something where there is an uncertainty; where there is room for the element of surprise... some kind of danger and mystery. I think Day Zero offers these exciting qualities.” The genesis of this was a spiritual experience that followed a conversation with a Shaman on the beach in Tulum where Lazarus raised his hands to the moon and felt the presence of an “electric force field.”

Considering this, it’s hard not to feel the hairs on the back of your neck start to tingle as you imagine what is to come. The feeling that accompanies dancing with your favorite friends and strangers to the underground’s best artists amongst ancient pyramids constructed by a race of people who felt their calendar didn’t need the ability to forecast past the day in which the event will take place surely won’t be something we’ll ever forget.

In advance of this fantastic, magical adventure, which at one point felt too far in the future to feel real, Thugfucker and Shaun Reeves have graciously teamed up to put together their Timewave(day)zero podcast which seems an appropriately deep and introspective aural journey of introspective reflection. It’s more chill than pumping but is 100% something that will positively inform your soul’s position along the spiritual horizon. So whether or not you’ll be making the pilgrimage to Day Zero this millennium, get this in you now. Tickets are still available here, and you can bet you'll see us there.

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