No Matter What

Headlining events week in week out is no mean feat for a producer; Huxley is combining both DJing and producing very effectively and for the right reasons. His new EP ‘No Matter What’ proves this point beyond doubt, not compromising his distinctive deep garage house feel through this non-stop period. Having already released gems under ‘Leftroom’ and '2020 Vision' over the past few months. ‘Tsuba’ take charge of this release, having a backlog of huge Huxley tracks already signed to the label. The release gives a feeling that Huxley is stopping at nothing to become an industry giant. Who better to help him along his way with a dynamite couple of mixes then house royalty MK.

Headline track ‘No Matter What’ is a warm dreamy deep house number. With a vocal sample that creeps up on you alongside an eerie atmospheric synth within the first thirty seconds; these are then met by the soft cuddly deep bassline along with spacious claps and smooth kicks. Then introduced seamlessly to a predominated dance-floor pleasing bassline, giving the track more of those warm vibes. A jaded low-end synth which is brought in and out stunningly gives it that Huxley garage house feel. A breakdown that consists of the same dreamy jaded synth, that is hit by the bouncy bassline and those spacious garage claps that leave you swaying back to reality.

Crafty second track ‘Can’t Sleep’ offers much of the same, with more of a down to business edge. A driving synth that takes you on a melodic journey throughout the track, a feeling that wouldn’t be out of place in a warehouse at 6am. With its darkened tone and damped drum kit this track would see you through the 6am dance-floor with a wry smile on your face, hugging yet another dreamy bassline.

MK gets up to his old trick’s that we know and love with his mixes of ‘No Matter What’. The vocal sample used is something that wouldn't sound out of place in an original MK track. He takes over what Huxley created and duly delivers an all-out party dance-floor mix. Crafting together the dreamy side of things along with his own weighty sub-bass bassline. MK's trademark hi-hats roll through the track, keeping you on your toes throughout. With the ‘Dub’ you’re left waiting for the killer drop that is sure to be ringing around clubs for months to come. The ‘Mix’ brings it to the surface long before, putting that expression on your face that should only be seen in dark clubs. All in all this EP should be featuring in clubs and various mixes for months to come - all with good reason too.

A1. No Matter What
A2. Can't Sleep
B1. MK Dub
1. No Matter What
2. Can't Sleep
3. MK Mix
4. MK Dub

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