2012 has been quite the year for music, and one of the duos we’ve been excited about has been Acid Mondays. The partnership of Circus and Café Mambo resident Alex Wolfenden and Compost recording starlet Negghead (aka Dan Ward), the duo have been creating some lovely deep house which has seen an airing on 2020 Vision, Circus Recordings and Illusion Records so far. They’re due to support Yousef and the final ever live performance of Laurent Garnier’s LBS project at Circus London on 30th November, and ahead of the show we had a quick chat with Alex and Dan about the project and pinned them down for an exclusive mix. Jimmy Coultas posed the questions.

Firstly tell us who you are and what you do; what are your individual backgrounds? Alex: Hi, we’re Acid Mondays we make house & techno together, both been DJing for about 15 years each, love buying vinyl and talking nonsense!! 

Dan: Alex has released music under his own name, Lex Wolf and Bagnasty, and he’s been a resident at We Love Space for 4 years, Café Mambo for 7 years and Circus in Liverpool for 10 years. I’ve released solo music under the negghead and has released on labels such as Wax On & Compost. Been a resident at Asylum in Leeds since it started and played for people such as Wax Da Jam & We Love as well.

How did the two of you come together to make music, and what inspired the name? Dan: We met in Leeds about 10 years ago, Alex was working in a record shop called ‘Playmusic’ and I used to go in there all the time, before then starting to work there as well. We were both at Music College in Leeds studying music technology so we started making tunes together as well.

Alex: The name Acid Mondays came about from a summer in Ibiza about 4 years ago, we would go DC10 and Cocoon pretty much every week and at the end of the summer I put a photo album up on Facebook called ‘Acid Mondays’ so we decided to use that name; just felt right for the vibes we were creating in our music and those hazy Mondays.

Tell us some more about the mix you’ve created for us; is it representative of what you play in your club sets? Alex: Yeah it's representative of what we play but we wanted to make something a bit more musical with this one so tried to keep it on a deeper tip. The mix is made up of mostly vinyl tunes with some of our own unreleased stuff in there.

You’re playing two shows for Circus soon. What does Circus mean to you both and in particular, are you enjoying being part of two new components of their history in the record label and the date at Circus London? Alex: Circus is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year and to be involved is so memorable night is such an honor. So it seemed the obvious choice to showcase our new project Acid Mondays. I was heavily involved in Carioca records, Yousef’s first label, so to be working with him on Circus Recordings is great. This year we have had great support for our remix of Maher Daniel, and our debut release on Circus Recording “Svenkins”. We’ll also be remixing a track from Yousef’s album, “A Product Of Your Environment" and we’re working an another EP for Circus as well.

As well as Circus you’ve also recorded collectively and individually for the likes of Wax On Records, Illusion recordings and 2020 Vision. Can you tell us more about the connection you guys have to these imprints? Dan: Well the main thing that links those three labels and us together is Leeds. All the people behind those labels are really good friends of ours so it’s great to be able release music with them as well. We’re going to be in Leeds on December 1st to play at ‘The Garage’ with Mr G for Illusion & Just Jack.

There’s a strong Balearic connection to your music. Having a history with Ibiza what is your understanding of where the island is heading, and is it refreshing to see that original spirit being championed in different geographical locations like Croatia and other parts of Europe? Dan: Its always refreshing to see good parties spring up wherever they are. We know a lot people who either been putting on the festivals in Croatia, playing there or just partying and everyone only has good things so say about them.

Alex: Ibiza is forever changing, and evolving. This summer was great, Circo Loco was our favourite party, great vibe there this year but there were nights like Enter, Music On and El Row that bought something fresh to the table. Also a lot more daytime/beach parties this year which is great as you cant beat partying outside in the sun.

What lies in the immediate future for you both? Dan: We’ve got an EP dropping on Deep Vibes really soon, think in about 3 or 4 weeks. It’s had great support from Laurent Garnier, Tobi Neuman, DJ Sneak and loads more so were really excited about that coming out. We have an EP dropping on Illusion in February, we’re working on remixes for Yousef, Wolfgang Haffner and Joshua and we’ve also just set up our new studio in Ibiza so we’ll be spending most of our time in there for the next few months!!

And finally, dream situation time. You can go back to any period in clubland history, and play at any club. Who would you have playing alongside you and what tune would you drop that would define the evening? Or have you been lucky enough to have had this moment already in real life? Both: Amnesia terrace with the roof off…the line up would be us, DJ Sneak, Zip, Ricardo Villalobos and Doc Martin, all back to back and vinyl only.

Tickets for Circus London on the 30th November are available from here.

Listen to Acid Mondays on Pulse Radio.