They may have met across the ether, but Hunter / Game's work ethic and close diynamic could'nt be any tighter - and it shines through in their musical output. Hailing from different cities - namely Milan and NYC - the transnational duo first burst into the deep house fraternity ith their dark, meandering debut on DIYnamic 53, gaining them fans across the globe as they ply their unique blend of ambient, house and deep bass. Since, they've gone on to release on Sasha's Last People On Earth, Get Physical and Hot Creations, experimenting ith their sound and gaining momentum upon every release. Pulse are feeling their dark, sultry sound, so it made perfect sense to focus on them for this eek's 'Pulse Loves..' feature; check out their exclusive mix and interview below...

Pulse Loves… interesting names. where does the inspiration come for your production name and why? Hunter/Game is a game: It is a game about an unknown hunter who roams in the night; silently he walk unobserved, he quietly waits in the night, wile listening to its gentle commotion, he is part of it, he lives for it; the voice of the silence whispers mysterious words, darkness vibrates lost melodies. All of this is our inspiration. All of this is our expression.

Pulse Loves.. the digital age. You guys have been based in different cities (Milan / NYC); how has the dynamic worked between you considering the distance? Has it been easy enough? Yeah, we leave in the digital era, so is really easy to work with some distance. We worked on the tracks in almost 5 different city, using a lot dropbox and wetransfer. We have a strange approach to the productions, sometimes one of us start a song than sharing it to the other. So the track gonna evolve and change completely to reach a merging between both personalities. This give us the particularity of our sound.

Pulse Loves… house music. What as your entry into house and when did you start producing the deeper side of things? Well as i told you, our sound is the real result of the cohesion of our personalities, feelings, tastes and backgrounds. Emmanuele is more older and he's influenced from the echo of the eighties, and the huge classic house period. Martino more younger is always been into techno tip, and really feeling that great moment for minimal techno in the beginning of 2k. The union of both flavors make our sound deep but with a strong and a clear vibe.

Pulse Loves… fresh talent. You released your debut EP on the DIYnamic… what else has come your way, and has this affiliation with Solomun given you a sought after lift? Diynamic is our mother label and booking agency, Solomun and all the team were the first people who placed their trust in us, and all the management is made of great and professionals people that support us in every our decision. For sure Diynamic is an important showcase on the music scene, and they gave us the opportunity to show our talent as producers and as Dj's during the amazing DIY showcases around the world, as Ibiza at Sankeys, or ADE and Bermuda festival. They give us a total artistically freedom which is basically for an artist relation, they have still given us the freedom to make releases on other labels such as Hot Creations and Get Physical, enabling us to get a bigger fan base than the one that focused mainly on the Diynamic Music sound.

Pulse Loves… the Italian scene. Your country seems to be one of the hottest places in the world to party right now and has some fantastic music coming out… how does the current musical climate compare with that of the old days? Italians, Italians, we are a really strange country, beautiful, also for our big contradictions.We have an amazing crowd, hot and passionate, but really to much focal on the hype of the names, not to the content of the music, our club culture is completely inexistent. Actually we have such great producers, in many different kind of music, but there is no kind of scene representing this Italian made… as we have big examples of solid and strong music movements next door, Italy still the country of individuals elements.

Pulse Loves… your mix. Give us a brief synopsis of it and what we can expect from this exclusive mix? We always try to give into our mixes the idea of what we really feel from the music scene at that moment, most of the time a different selection from the Dj Set that usually has to be stronger. Always trying to let people feel a good vibe and let them enter into the journey of our sensations. Producing and mixing is all about feeling and sensations, everything start from here and have to arrive to the listener.

Hunter/Game play Unleash on November at an undisclosed location, tickets can be bought from here.

Listen to Hunter / Game on Pulse Radio.