One of the greatest electronic producers of all time – Photek – is set to make a return to the fore this month as he gears up to release his new album KU:PALM.

Photek, AKA Rupert Parkes, has set himself on a plain as one of the most talented producers around. Starting off as a drum and bass producer, Rupert created the breakthrough albums Modus Operandi and Form & Function, 2 LP’s that went on to change drum and bass music forever with huge singles such as Ni Ten Ichi Ryu and the Natural Born Killa EP. Last year he released his first solo material in years in the form of Avalanche, which coasted through a mixture of styles and tempos including hip-hop and broken beat and also released a fantastic entry to the DJ Kicks mix series for !K7.

“I made a conscious decision not to jump straight in with another album, I wanted to come back with the EP’s and get the release flow going again” commented Rupert on his decision to release music as Photek again. “I knew that if I did that, and approached with an open mind, the music and the album would take its course. As it did start to take shape it felt like it was sitting halfway between Modus Operandi and Solaris – which I felt was a good place to be.

For KU: PALM, Rupert blends through different styles and sounds, including cinematic scores, ambient electronica and dub inflicted house.

“This album had to be the right listening experience for the headphone listeners as much as on a club soundsystem. That was a new experience for me because we had to make judgement calls to take that into account during the mix. Some stereo elements that sound amazing on headphones simply vanish on a mono soundsystem but I feel we got the right balance in the end.”

Ku:Palm is released on the 23rd October through Photek Productiions. Check the tracklisting below and familiarise yourself with a classic above.

1. Signals
2. Quadrant
3. Aviator
4. Pyramid
5. Shape Charge
6. Munich
7. Quevedo
8. Mistral
9. Oshun
10. Sleepwalking feat. Linche
11. One Of A Kind
12. This Love (feat. Ray La Montagne)

Listen to Photek on Pulse Radio.