Pan-Pot - AKA Thomas and Tassilo - are the cream of Berlin's idiosyncratic dance music scene. Gradually developing through techno, tech house and deep house in their already lengthy career, the duo have more than proved their credentials as inch perfect producers and exciting, no-holds-barred DJs. Their huge hut 'Captain My Captain' propelled them from underground heroes in Germany to emerging, global force; Pulse got to know Thomas and Tassilo as they supply us with our latest Podcast. Read on...

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You guys have risen through the ranks exceptionally quickly… how difficult was it to start getting noticed at the beginning? Tassilo: For us it doesn't look like a quick rise, as we always worked hard and steady on our career. Since our first album things got really good and step by step we got more successful and received positive feedbacks. We never really thought much about being noticed or at last we didn't pay too much attention to it.
Thomas: Yes Tassilo is right! I think it's better to have a constant and slow rise otherwise people are getting tired of you quite fast.

Your track Captain my Captain went huge last year – what was the inspiration behind this tune? Tassilo: Well if there was an inspiration to name then I would say it was another track of ourselves - "Confronted". We wanted to do something again with vocals and a hook line which develops through the whole track. Same as in "Confronted" the vocals tell a whole story in "Captain My Captain", which was important for us as we don't really like to hear any useless sampled voices anymore. 
Thomas: We have also done the track first and placed the vocals later. It also had a different name and we changed it form "The Navigator" to "Cpt my Cpt".

Your sound has also changed a lot over the last few years hasn’t it? Tassilo: Well we started our career with Minimal and now we are currently doing everything but not Minimal. So yes, we changed :) We both like House and Techno and especially the mixture , so I guess Tech-House would be our genre then.
Thomas: There is also more what we like for example both of us like (the original) dubstep I also like Drum'n'Bass a lot!

What can we expect from your Podcast for us? Is this typical of your usual selection or is there a few surprises too? 
Tassilo: This mix is a bit tougher and contains some of our actual techno favorite tracks.

As part of the Mobilee gang, what do you think you and Anja’s label bring to the table that’s different in terms of sounds? Tassilo: Mobilee records offers a wider range of music and artists. With mobilee we worked like that form beginning and also during times when a lot of artists were opting from label to label and released as on many platforms as possible. We always sticked to one platform - mobilee. This way of working offers a consistent and bit more secure way in this music business.
Thomas: It's also the vibe from all of us together and how we work and also how long we are doing this together now. I really like this kind of family thing and thinking.

What advice can you give to budding producers? Thomas: Find your own style and don't try to copy!
Tassilo: Try to define your own style/handwriting in production and try to find a home base/label you feel comfortable with.

Finally, as you guys are versed in this industry, what do you think is next for dance music’s future? Is it looking good in your eyes? Tassilo: I'm getting a bit bored by all this loop-shooting productions and this extreme commercial direction EDM is taking at the moment. Even deep house has been driven into the most commercial status it ever had. For sure we have to be glad being able to make a nice living out of it all, but still I hope it'll all go back to more underground.
Thomas: More music like Daniel Bell style again ;)

Pan-Pot play Drumcode Halloween Fright Night this Saturday, 27th October at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse.

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