'Def Mix' was the concept conceived by the heroic Frankie Knuckles because he knew that the productions that would be definitive staples for years to come. All we can say is - he was absolutely right; outlasting ever-changing trends, Def Mix has retained it's status as something truly special. Every track has rich piano house parts, incredible snares and deep bass lines, not to mention the beautiful vocals that make them something of a timeless affair. That said, here they are today, celebrating 25 years of Def Mix at ADE. Frankie Knuckles, the living legend told us just how special Def Mix is to him and what everyone's in store for tonight at Amsterdam Dance Event.

How did you first get involved with Def Mix? I had just returned to New York City after living in Chicago for 10 years. I was getting a lot of offers to play around the city as well as abroad and was always hit with the same question, who's your manager? Plus, I had several remixer offers on the table that I needed to get sorted out. One day I was visiting "For The Record" record pool and my old friend Judy Weinstein and we were playing catchup. After explaining what was going on with me she introduced me to David (Morales) and they spoke of their new venture, DefMix Production and asked if I'd be interested in coming onboard. 25 years later, Here We Are! 

What does Def Mix mean to you? DefMix means everything to me. It's where my musical life began living. It's my family. It's my love.

What are your highlights from 25 years of Def Mix? Some of the greatest remix projects ever. Working with and for some of Pop Music's biggest superstars. Countless awards for production and DJ work. The first Grammy for Remixer Of The Year and, remaining relevant in the marketplace. Keeping the name and quality of the work that comes from DefMix Production front and center in the music industry's conscious.

What are your favourite Def Mix releases and why? 'Tears', 'The Whistle Song', 'I'll Be Your Friend', 'Where Love Lives', 'The Pressure', 'Rock With You', 'Thriller' and 'You Are Not Alone' for Michael Jackson. I could go on but the list would go on too long.

What are your thoughts on the 25 Year celebration party with MN2S and Def Mix coming up at ADE? My thoughts and feelings are positive ones but, I'm not going to preconceive how good it's going to be. I'm just going to embrace the love and go with the flow.

Frankie plays tonight at MN2S's 25 Year Celebration Party alongside DJ Meme, Hector Romero and David Morales which you can get tickets to from here here.

Listen to Frankie Knuckles on Pulse Radio.