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DJ Attacked 'Gangnam Style' By Psy-chotic Fan

Henry Johnstone, Sydney - Australia - on 11/10/12

DJ Attacked 'Gangnam Style' By Psy-chotic Fan

UK paper The Sun are reporting that an Essex DJ had his equipment ruined by a crazy fan of South Korean popstar Psy after he didn't play the hit 'Gangnam Style'.

Poor old Colin Jones, a 34-year old club DJ from Southend, tried to explain to some clearly Psy-chotic woman that he didn't have a recording of the song, whereby she then threw her drink at him, ruining his two laptops and a mixer desk.

"It was devastating," said Jones of his destroyed equipment.

Police have arrested the woman on two counts; one for assault and the other for having terrible taste in music.

Believe it or not, you can catch the pop sensation that is Psy at next year's Future Music Festival. Check out the full line-up announced yesterday here.

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