Though it’s likely not a shock to anyone, Burning Man will be back next year and now, via their official Facebook fanpage comes proof. Things will get started on nearly the same date that they did last year with the “experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and reliance” kicking off on Monday, August 26th. Since we’ll take nearly any excuse we can to revel in some post burn afterglow, here are a few vids from this year’s edition of the event along with a link to an Australian TV piece on the event that's kind of cheesy and hints at sexual assault being a serious problem. Since my friends and I didn’t see any evidence of this at all, I almost want to make light of it and spotlight its absurdity. But I won't-ladies be careful out there!

Australian TV on Burning Man.

Our beautiful header image was taken by videographer, Jocie Cox.  Keep your eyes peeled for our forthcoming profile of this talented young lady in the next couple of weeks.

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