If you haven't yet fallen in love with Burning Man, RebelRave or Robot Heart you simply must not have witnessed either yet. Two amazing spectacles on their own, when joined together there is nothing quite like it. If that's not enough on the Wednesday night this year Rebel Rave joined in too, with many claiming it the best night of Burning Man in 2012.

One of Australia's own, Brohn, took part in his second Burning Man this year after falling in love with the experience in 2011. Though this time around he took it to the next level, becoming the first Australian to play on the infamous Robot Heart Bus, for RebelHeart - where dreams come true and inspiration is born. Here Brohn shares with us his adventures on the playa as well as his Robot Heart Set which was recorded live infront of thousands upon thousands of Burners in the middle of the Nevada Desert. So fasten your seat belts as he takes you back to the sand...

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Brohn, this was your second burning man experience, how did it differ from your first time?
The Burn definitely gets better every year. Last year I was in a camp, this year we were rogue assassin's on the outer rim, far from middle earth and Disco knights. A large highlight for this year was that I was playing on Robot Heart this time. That was a huge difference, say no more!!

Robot Heart aimed to have the best line ups and the best sound at Burning Man, many agreeing that they achieved that this year. How did you find the experience?
The sound on the Bus is next level, I really can't stress how amazing it is. The line ups this year were equal to the sound, every night there were huge parties. I have to give it to the RH crew when you see the scale of what they do day in, day out... respect!!

The experience was so diabolicle, it was really cool being the first Australian to play Robot Heart. I kept looking out at the crowd when I was playing and I could not believe how many people were there, the art cars surrounding us, its like DJing on another cosmos. It was very emotional, ah i'm getting goose bumps (laughs).

On Rebel Heart Damian [Lazarus] played a track that you, Jonny [White] and him had made in the RV the day before... was that a one off or are there plans to finish working on it and release it? We were having a little party in our RV the night before Rebel Heart, when Jonny and Damian said lets make some music! It was really cool to make a track at Burning Man with those guys, we are hoping to finish it at Day Zero in December. That's if the world doesn't end...

Apart fom Robot Heart what were some standout moments this Burn? Firstly, I got engaged at the sunrise on the Saturday morning which was incredible, words cannot describe it!

Also the way we arrived, we chartered a plane from Reno and flew directly into the festival, seeing it from above was so epic. When we landed one of the first things we saw was half of a huge pirate ship that looked like it was sinking in the middle of the playa. They had parties there so you could actually walk in and on top of it. At night, they projected 3D water around it... insane.

It's a full on experience how do you adjust back into normal life after? Well Burning Man is normal to me, I'm not sure what we live in now but it's not normal. What is normal? It was actually quite easy for me as I was so inspired to get back to the studio. I finished a track for Robot Heart as soon as I got back, I can't wait until next year. Home away from home.

You can see Brohn play next at REBELRAVE February 16th (Sydney) and 17th (Melbourne) alongside Damian Lazarus, Shaun Reeves, Subb-an, Francesca Lombardo, GabbyMia Lucci and more. To join us get your ticket here.

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