After forming from Monki's Rinse FM show, TOYC and Zulu have collaborated to create a new bass house sound that's spreading across clubs everywhere this summer. Lauren Barrett chats to them about their fresh (and first) EP 'Needs To Be Said', their ambitions of playing more dance festivals and their perfected 'party, dance around and get pissed' atmosphere.

How did you two collaborate/become a duo?
Well, we both heard eachother's tunes on Monki's Rinse FM show, and one day we just randomly suggested that we should make a tune together. We met for the first time and made 'Needs To Be Said' that same day, and it just went from there really.

Which clubs and parties do you like to play at the most? What kind of atmosphere would you say you generate? I think both of us like to play nights with a fun atmosphere, not parties where everyone is stood still just nodding their heads. Lots of dancing and jumping up and down! Therefore I hope the atmosphere generated by us is a 'party, dance around and get pissed' type of vibe!

Who are your favourite labels? Both of us are big fans of Numbers in particular, I guess because of the brilliant music they put out but also the general atmosphere of the label and the nights they put on, having a laugh with your mates, playing amazing music and bringing a friendly atmosphere to the whole thing. Others like Greco-Roman and UTTU are brilliant too!

Who do you think will make it big from the up and coming artists this year and why? I think Thefft will defiantly go far. He is a mate of Andy (TOYC)'s, so apart from being a super nice guy, his tunes are so interesting and sound different to the bland "UK take" on Techno that so many people are making at the moment. Also Checan, a producer from Sheffield but now based in London is amazing, the production in his tunes is bloody amazing and he has some massive basslines.

What influences your sound? Hopefully a mixture of both our individual sounds as producers. Andy's own productions sound very different to mine but when we sit down we try to just mould the two together. So I usually say "stick a bongo in there" whilst he gets his 808s out, if you see what I mean! But I think individual influences vary from DJ Mujava to someone like Lone, so a pretty broad spectrum I guess.

What's your favourite track of this year so far? For me, it's easily Todd Terje 'Inspector Norse'. I think that tune is just absolutely bloody amazing. The melodies and the way it builds is just incredible and it gets most people moving in an instant. We also both love Breach 'You Won't Find Love Again', that's amazing too.

Tell us about your EP 'Needs To Be Said' - what were your influences here and where do you hope to go with it? The EP came naturally. We just sent the tunes to Monki, and she then told us she loved them and about her plans for starting the label, Zoo Music. Like I said, with influences, they sort of stem from both of us in our own productions, however I do remember that the main bassline in 'Needs To Be Said' was influenced by a Checan tune called 'Siberia' - check that one out!I would like to think that where we want to go with the TOYC and Zulu collaborations is playing B2B sets in some new places and then making more tunes when we both want to. As solo producers we both have more projects and releases lined up, and therefore hopefully with TOYC and Zulu it can be a bit of an escape from our individual sounds, allowing us to just sit down, make a tune and have a laugh basically.

You've received excellent feedback from your Boiler Room set (which was brilliant, by the way). Did you enjoy yourselves? ?Thanks very much! It was so much fun to play, it was a tad nerve racking at the start though knowing about the chat room and that people are tuning in world wide. But we both loved it! 

What's your favourite Boiler Room set?Breach both times has smashed it, and I remember a very old Mount Kimbie one recorded in what looked like someone's front room was amazing too. You can find that one on YouTube.

How was playing Parklife? Was that your first festival together playing b2b and are you hoping to play anymore festivals soon? Honestly, Parklife was probably the most fun either of us have ever had playing! It was our first festival together and I remember the reaction after we played was just silly. That crowd was sick and we just couldn't believe that so many people seemed to have a good time and stayed around to see us! We would both love to play some more festivals. Actually we were chatting about Sonar last week and that looks amazing, and although the pictures of the crowd look terrifying, I think it would be an incredible experience.

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