The Drifter - Maeve Pulse Exclusive

The Drifter - Maeve Pulse Exclusive

A name associated with cutting edge deep house, Mano Le Tough has found fans from Ben Watt, to Anja Schneider, his latest release on Permanent Vacation seeing him going to work on Roisin Murphy with a remix of Simulation. The launch of his own label was highly anticipated and following feedback from debut release with Baikal - Just You And Me, the anticipation was rightly placed.  Much more than a one man show, Mano is joined by label partner The Drifter, who not only features on the title track, but has also been kind enough to provide Pulse with an exclusive mix. Featuring heady, atmospheric house music perfect for late mornings and early nights ALA Panorama Bar. The Drifter say's of the mix...

"The idea behind the mix was to showcase some of the types of sounds i enjoy and feel fit in with our Maeve imprint. A mix that builds, with melodic music for the dancefloor. I also wanted to showcase both Baikal tracks from the first Maeve release in the mix. Hope you enjoy it!"

Baikal - Just You And Me is out now on Maeve (Get It Here)

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The Drifter

Pulse Maeve Exclusive: 28.08.12 The Drifter
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Mano Le Tough

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