After teaming up with long time friend DANCE, Amine Edge has started to break through with the duo's G-House sound. Track's such as the Biggie tinged 'Going to Heaven With The Goodie Goodie's' and Amine's deep and heavy re-work of Nina Kravitz's 'Ghetto Kravitz' have been getting heavy rotation on dance-floors, subsequently pushing the duo into the limelight. Alex Fish speaks to Amine and DANCE about G-House, Ryan Air and heartstopping mothafucking music.

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Alex: You've been credited with helping pioneer G-house or gangsta house. Who else do you believe is helping you make this movement happen-artist wise? Amine Edge: I try by not making a big deal about “G-HOUSE” and approach it the way they made house music in the past. In the olden days guys would create “house music” but they weren’t making a big deal about how it was their own specific sound. I try to do the same, by just doing my music and let the underground community figure out how they want to classify it. Everything is fast now, you create a new style, you promote it and you put it in the garbage 3 months after. Every 3 months the music changes so I try to do it slowly to keep gives things more of a chance to last. You have some real G’s in this game like Jesse Perez who mash old school house + 80/90's hip hop beats and he smashes it all the time. DJ Deeon has influenced me a lot with his nasty vocals, vulgar subjects, sexual influences, porn sounds etc. Sishi Rosch who made this kind of sleazy dirty funk mashed with house and G-funk lead with his mate Miguel Puente who has himself been making a more house touch. Miguel and Sishi are like G-funk and 80's electro mashed together and it rocks, I can give you a big list of OG's like them: DJ Slugo, H2, Kasbah Zoo, Bubba, Lee Webster etc.

When you're not making and playing house music-what can we find you doing? TV/Video Games/Girls/hair styling? [Laughs] I’m a TV show addict, Workaholics, That 70's Show, The Wire, The Walking Dead etc but my favorite moment is to go to sleep and watching a one man show… I also love cooking, love to spend time with my friends when I actually have the time. So I guess nothing that out of the ordinary!

Amine you've been working as a DJ/Producer for a while-how did you partner with DANCE and what do you think has made your productions so successful? The story between DANCE and me is the kind of story you see on TV! I mean I’ve been a DJ for 13 years now. I had this passion for music in my blood and I met him when I was 15 or 16, he had the same passion for music, but was more into Soul/R n B/Hip-hop. Then I introduced him to music software and we did our own stuff, me with house and him with hip-hop. Separately we had some little successes and one day we tried to do a track together, mashing his hip-hop influences with my house sounds and we were like was like “Holy shit this is too GANGSTA” haha (private joke) then we called it G-House (just for fun at first) and now we are very similar because I have his hip hop influence and he has my house influence, I think and hope we'll work together until death!!

Do you think that growing up in the south of France, Marseilles has had an impact on your sound? Definitely not, because in my little brain I'm always thinking WORLD. I always see FAR. Marseille is a small city where house music is not the big sound. Here it’s more about techno and hip-hop. But growing in Marseille helped me a lot because it’s a hard city, you have to work really hard to satisfy the people here, I played everywhere here in my childhood growing up. DJing bars, club, commercial spots, afterhours etc. For example, playing in commercial clubs and doing my best to try to learn how to connect music to people-watching crowd reactions, changing quickly if people aren’t reacting etc. Keeping the crowd dancing could sometimes be difficult but helped me a lot because when I play music now I know if a track will work or not. I have this club culture in my head and it’s helped me a lot, my experience in clubbing and my taste are my weapons....

Who else in the south of France is making cool music?  In my town there are not many people whose sound I love because, as I said before, they are more into techno and many of them live in the past by making shuffle minimal techno or melodic techno like the Old Border Community stuff. But there is some new talent from friends who’re doing big tech-house ala the Desolat sound. “Chicks Luv Us” and Medeew for example who work for Spartacus Club in Marseilles. They never fail and as a DJ/Producer when I heard them I couldn’t stop dancing. We have also the boys from Villanova who make some dope beats-stay tuned for these names.

How long have you the two of you been working as a DJ/Producers? Started DJing at home at 13 and in 16 began playing in clubs, production began around 2002. DANCE has been working in production since 2005. He’s been DJing professionally since 2011.

We've seen a lot of work from you that's been on packages with DeMarzo and Kolombo. How did you develop your relationships with these guys? It's really simple when you share the same passion and vibe etc. When I hear a big promo from a new producer I always send him a message to tell him my respect. Kolombo a good friend from 2007 I think, I was a big fan of him at first but now he’s one of my best friends. Of course I’m always his big fan (but he is big fan of me now too haha). It’s the same for DeMarzo. When I heard his music on Digital Delight my heart stopped for 2 seconds…"WHO THE FUCK IS THIS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!! " I contacted him immediately. This guy is a genius-finding a guy like this is like seeing a shooting star.

Does your podcast include any exclusive premiers of your own tracks?  Yeah we add our last remix for Chicken Lips on Southern Fried Records called Don't Rain On My Parade (D.R.O.M.P)

What are some things you need to bring with you on the road to make sure you don't lose your mind?  iPhone because I’m a social networking addict: facebook, instagram, twitter. My laptop because it’s how I check out new promo tracks from the road. But honestly, my iPhone is the most important (with internet of course). I can survive anything as long as I have my phone.

What's your favorite airline and what's your most hated? I think Luftansa is not bad at all. Fuck Ryanair!!! But really I hate every company because their space between seats are too small and your knees always touch the seat in front. It’s impossible to sleep on flights. When I go to the UK it’s cool for an hour flight but when you go to Kenya or something for 9 hours without moving....fucking hell.

I see you've got some dates in Brazil coming up soon, are you excited to see that country? DEFINITELY! My agent and the promoter did a really good job for this tour because I play 3 times, then I have 4 days without gigs to visit, chill and meet the most beautiful chicks in the planet before doing 4 more gigs. I think this will be perfect. I’ve received many messages from Brazilian fans so I’m very excited to meet them and make them jump all night :)

Are you guys single or are there some ladies in your lives? We’re single because a girl needs respect and attention that we cant offer for now. It’s better like this, imagine that we have 9 gigs a month minimum, including jetlag and travel days its like 18 days outside the home. We just have 12 days to make music, respect deadlines, doing some promo stuff etc. A wife can’t live like that, or only for a couple months and then she’ll go crazy. Its always nice to meet girls from every side of the globe. There are so many girls to love, it would be selfish to love only one haha

Amine, you've developed an impressive following through using social media effectively, do you have any tips for aspiring producers on how to do it correctly? Of course, after many years of promoting, creating some labels, working day and night for promotion now I know how to grow your brands effectively! It’s important to be honest with people, your fans are big gift, so give them some gifts all the time. Make GOOD MUSIC and share it all with them. Answer all the messages you get and don’t act like a star. You are human so stay human and never forget that everything can stop immediately so be grateful for your fans ! I hate to say fans, I don’t have fans I just have people who like my music and I’m happy with this.

What other producers and DJs do you think the world should keep an eye on? Do you have any exciting collaborations in the work? Something I love is to receive promos from someone I never heard before and be blown away. That’s why I listen to EVERYTHING. I really don’t give a shit to receive tracks from a big big famous artist and play this before everyone, I just love to play BIG BIG music, so yes recently I discovered some really nice guys and I'll release some of them on my forthcoming label called CUFF. Look out for new music from Dayne S, Stuff,Tough Love, DeMarzo, Beep Dee, RolePlay, Fabo, HNQO... and many more.

Are you planning on going to BPM?" Definitely! Last year I was so sad to not party with my G's, Midnight Perverts, Puente & Rosch, WildKats, Louie Fresco etc. So this year NO WAY, I will be there! I hope this year will be nice because its not an NYE event but they start 4th January, so we’ll see."

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