To celebrate his Kontrol EP, Hugo Barritt has put together an exclusive mix for Pulse. 

Following on from his You Are EP, which featured remixes from Tom Demac and Efdemin, London's Hugo Barritt has released 'Kontrol' through Vitalik Records. Composing of five original tracks, 'Kontrol' delves into tougher dance floor territory with robust beats and dense rhythms taking Hugo's sound in a new direction.(Buy/Listen) Here's what Hugo had to say about the release:

 "I’m really happy where I ended up with the ‘Kontrol ep’, all in all the production process ran pretty smoothly, but there were of course a few moments of frustration here and there. As I write alone it’s easier to find myself caught in the vortex of uncertainty over a sound or vibe. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so find it hard to move on until something feels right, which can slow things down.

Vocally I experimented with some really interesting stuff throughout the process, a lot of which didn’t make it through but may show up in some material later. Both ‘Kontrol’ and ‘Right and Wrong’ used vocals from some old classic house cuts, but with a twist to give a different vibe from the originals.

When I started working on this EP I‘d been listening to a lot of Soul People Music Radio mixes. I find Fred P’s music selection incredibly inspiring, with the wide contrast of really beautiful deep house and the solid, atmospheric, moody, techno he plays. Also, feeling stirred following a weekend excursion to some Berlin dance floors, I felt enthused to approach the last two tracks with a more tougher edge, which was the conception ‘Cycle Towards Alautun’ and ‘Check Session in Cov.’" - Hugo Barritt

Hugo Barritt - Pulse Radio Exclusive tracklist
Avatism - Hail (Clockwork)
Andrea Oliva, Gel Abril - Scene (Be As One)
Sei A, Axel Boman - You Can Bring / Axel Boman remix (Simple Records)
Rene Breitbarth - You Keep on (Mina Records)
Leao - Your Eyes / Leon Remix
Dinky - This Is Your Heart (VisionQuest)
Robag Wruhme - Wolluwe (Musik Kruause)
Hugo Barritt - Cycle towards Alautun - (Vitalik 014)
Lorenzo Chiabotti, Maki Polne - JE D'EN (Vinyl Club Recordings)
&ME - Purple Rain - (Balance music)
Robag Wruhme - Bortonkk (Boxer Recordings)
Black Jazz Consortium - Whats Up With The Love (Soul People Music)

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