It's not always true that with a bit of fame DJ's become "too cool for school." New York House DJ, Danny Tenaglia, has publicly announced on his Facebook that he would be willing to take a bus to Montreal for his gig at Stereo if his fans organized it. 

On August 12th Danny Tenaglia posts:

"OK: If YOU kids can properly plan a QUALITY Bus Trip to Montreal, I will ride there & back with U ... BUT: it would have to depart NY late on Friday and leave Montreal on Monday! I'll get you all in as my guest with your NY/NJ "Passport Only" ID! Will even entertain you on the bus - no charge! haha Would like to even fim some of it and I'll interview some of you and vice versa ... Reminder: U have to BE the ones to make this happen. I bring The DJ, The Music & Me as 1 :)

Leave it up to Tenaglia's party goers to follow through with this once in a lifetime opportunity as three days later, Mr. Tenaglia then confirms the details:

"Yay! Looks like my Party Bus concept from NY to Montreal for next Saturday's event and >dare I say Marathon< in (((STEREO))) is ON! :) If interested in joining us on the bus then please see other post below on this topic and join in on the partae! :) "

If that isn't showing love to your fans than I don't know what is. Thank you Danny Tenaglia for being real & making your fans dreams become reality!

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