Bill Patrick - Private Stock August

Bill Patrick - Private Stock August

Only three episodes in and Bill Patrick's already coaxed the likes of Cesar Merveille, Ryan Crosson and DJ Tennis into his Berlin studio for the Private Stock show. Before number four drops on Thursday, with special guest and Detroit fave, Ryan Elliot (Spectral Sound, Ostgut Ton) joining Jamie Fry (Stablo, Channel Zoo) we're giving you the chance to listen back to last months show, of which Bill said...

"This month i have Maayan Nidam of Cadenza and Perlon fame joining me in the Private Stock studio. Maayan and I go back many years and have a rich history of making fun of each other, teasing each other and pushing each others buttons in an annoying sibling kind of way. Yet we love and respect one another just like any family member would. Only she's not family and I'm not even sure if we like each other that much.  Music this month by Beach House, Outkast, Koreless, The xx, Jacques Greene, Actress, Four Tet, Philip Glass, Radiohead and much more."

Stay tuned to Pulse to hear Private Stock 004 on Thursday.

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