Kashii is fast rising up through the ranks of the underground. Already signed to Fatboy Slim's label, Southern Fried Records and with his latest release the Rome EP out on Kerri Chandler's label MadTech (Get it here), this boys prospects look good. He briefly caught up with Pulse's Ellie Hewitt to talk about the Exclusive Mix he's done for Pulse and where he likes to hang about in London.

Listen to Kashii's Pulse Exclusive Here

Tell us about the inspiration for the exclusive mix you’ve done for Pulse? There's a lot of great deep, techy records about so I wanted to showcase what im listening to at the moment.

So your first release is coming out on Kerri Chandlers new impring MadTech Records, whats it like to be on the imprint of one of house music’s household names? Its great! When I got an email from the guys at Madtech saying they loved my stuff and wanted to release something I jumped at the opportunity.

You have also be signed to Fatboy Slims label Southern Fried Record label, have you got any plans to start an imprint in the future? Potential names? Im still signed to SFR, but they are happy for me to work with other labels aswell. Ive thought about it, but for the time being, Im way too busy writing and DJing.

Tell us about the Rome EP, it’s got remixes from up and coming producers Lakosa and South London Ordance, what was the ethos behind the release? The label and I had a long chat about artists for remixes and we felt that both South London Ordnance and Lakosa are very now in terms of dance music. Their sound is fresh and exciting, and they are both being talked about a lot right now.

Your older release out on Southern Fried Records called House Culture, what are the biggest aspects of House culture to you? Venue? Soundsystem? Crowd? History? The music, obviously its always a bonus to play a renowned venue with a massive system...but im in it purely for the music, and there is an endless amount of it!

What’s your set up in the studio like? I work with PC's using Ableton, Reason and some other software. Ive got a pair of wicked B&W monitors, few keyboards and screens.

What tip offs would you have for the rest of the summer, tracks, young prodcuers to watch? Ive been absolutely smashing Celsius - Must Be you, its a heavy record! There are too many upcoming producers to name, I just regularly listen to Radio and mixes for new tracks.

Where do you like to hang out in London? Hot nightspots, foodspots? I dont spend that much time in London, but you're always guaranteed a good night at Corsica Studios, Boiler Room, Cable.

Which producers would you most like to collaborate within the coming months? I'd like to work with Disclosure, I don't need to say much more than that really, everyone knows what theyre about!

You’re playing at Standon Calling at the beginning of August, what other festivals would you most like to headline and why? Any festivals abroad, to get away from this english "summer"!

Listen to Kashii on Pulse Radio.