A grizzly appearance and music to match, Los Angeles dubstep producer Bare has made a name for himself destroying eardrums and clubs around the world as part of Dieslboy’s SubHuman label. Exploding onto the scene in 2010, Bare took out the title of Beatport’s ‘Best New Dubstep Artist’ and has since had releases on SubHuman, Buygore and Reid Speed’s Play Me Records. Ahead of his debut Australian tour, Bare talked to Pulse about his bass roots, an upcoming EP, and all things heavy.

Pulse: For people who don’t know you, how would you describe the Bare sound? Bare: Rough, rugged and raw. Musical and heavy in every aspect.

What have you got planned for your upcoming first ever Australian tour? I've got a lot of new tunes of mine and from others to play out to everyone there. I also get to show Australia how Los Angeles does dub.

How has your sound evolved since you started producing dubstep?
It has evolved a great deal. I have spent months on months after first beginning, working on music and touring. It seems to be paying off each day.

How did you get into electronic music production? Years back I went to a drum and bass party and I got hooked. I loved what I heard. I wanted to be the one making the songs being played. Since then I have been chasing my dream.

Your background is in drum and bass and hip hop, would you ever crossover into the genres in production as Bare? Definitely have. Lately I have been infusing hip hop into my intros and breakdowns of newer songs. As for drum and bass, I use what I learned toward my drumstep songs, same beats per minute, different swing.

What was it about dubstep that first appealed to you?
It was more bass driven than drum and bass was. Drum and bass is led by the drums. However in dubstep, the bass is what leads the pack. So definitely the bass.

How has being a part of the SubHuman label influenced you? Growing up I was a big fan of Dieselboy. To be on his label, make music with him, and tour with him has been an awesome experience and taught me so much. It’s been a great ride so far!

Which artists out there today would you love to collaborate with? Off the top of my head, Skrillex, 12th Planet, Alvin Risk, Dillon Francis, Knife Party, Kill The Noise and Feed Me, just to name a few!

What do you think it is about your shows that make them so legendary, and do you have any memorable show stories? The energy I bring into shows, the different genres I mix in and out of. It feels like most of my shows come packed with so much memories, it would be hard to single out a few shows from all of them. Each city, country, etc. has its own individual awesomeness you really can't find anywhere else, so the most memorable shows would have to be all of them.

What have you been working on lately and when can fans expect the next Bare release?
I just finished up my new 5 song EP for SCION AV. This release is all brand new songs I just finished about a week ago. It will be coming out sometime in August, so super soon!

And lastly, what have you got planned for the rest of the year? More touring, I’m moving into a new spot in the downtown area here in LA. I plan to release on bigger labels and make more of an impact. I will also have in the works music in different EDM genres, electro, trap, 110, & moombah, to be exact. And last but not least, I plan to stay in contact with my fans and have a fun time living life.

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