With June the 14th almost upon us we got chatting to Souvenir, Mobilee and WetYourSelf! Recordings about their label parties for Off-Sonar Barcelona, with them giving us an insight into their parties and some of their top tracks to watch out for. Ellie Hewitt caught up with Tommy Tannock of Souvenir, Ralf Kollmann of Mobilee and Cormac of WetYourSelf Recordings.

1. Souvenir & Friends at Almogavers 86

Tommy Tannock: Allow Souvenir to serve up a delicious sliver of the typical Berlin clubbing mayhem at its off-Sonar event, the label’s head honchos Teifschwarz bringing with them Danish producer Noir, local talent Rampa vs. Re.You, Daniel Wilde and last but not least the Panorama Bar Queen herself, Cassy. The venue itself is located in the regenerated industrial area of 22@ which used to be known as ‘The Catalan Manchester’, conveniently just five minutes from Plaza Catlunya. The cavernous warehouse features a rooftop terrace to take in the crisp, night air and weighty Funktion One system downstairs to get the floor heaving. Souvenir's top tracks for Sonar have got to be:

Chaim & Varoslav feat Erez - Holding You, on one of our favourite labels Rue de Plaisance


Noir Feat. Richard Davis - Found Out (Tiefschwarz Deeper Under Your Skin Remix)

David Squillace feat. Alex Nazaar 'Manifesto' - part of his new project This And That


 2. Mobilee Rooftop Day Session Part 2 at  Hotel Diagonal
Ralf Kollmann: Sonar Festival is one of the annual highlights for the whole mobilee crew. Its our sixth year celebrating in the beautiful city of Barcelona where we established a very special and intimate happening once a year on the rooftop of the hotel Diagonal. We kind of occupy the whole hotel over three days and celebrate with close friends, dj- and label colleagues and fans of the label. As space is very very limited up there and daytime partying seems to be the new big thing, we decided to extend our festivities in 2012 and do a mobilee pool session for the public at the stunning olympic pool in Mont Juic. You must see the view from there! Its breath taking. To give you an idea about our soundtrack for this scenario just check out this stuff. Pretty sure you will hear it here and there during Sonar!

And.Id - Girl (And.Id & B.A.N.D. Version) - mobilee Isn´t it all about Girls during Sonar? This jazzy house beast puts you boys and girls in the right mood for sure.

 Re.You - Junction - (mobilee) :First release on mobilee by Re.You. He is a hot number right now. Watch out and hear him playing at the mobilee pool session.

Cage & Aviary - Good Apple, Bad Apple (Good Egg, Badder Apple) - Migration Dub Sample

3. WetYourSelf! at Almogavers 86
Cormac: We are super excited to celebrate our 3rd sonar party. This year we host Wolf club and our lineup is an collection of outstanding talent. Mathew Jonson, Chloé, Clockwork, Alexkid & Martin Dawson and as always, the 3 of us will play and surround our guests with our usual WYS! Sounds! Our favourite 3 WYS! tracks for the club at present are:

Cormac 'Narcosa' (Jennifer Cardini Remix)

Kiki & Chaim ft. Cari Golden 'Love Kills' Chaim Version (BPitch Control)
Something Strange (Mike Shannon Dub) - Mr. C, [a]pendics.shuffle

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