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Behrouz: Another Year Wiser

Behrouz is truly a man on the move, after closing the BPM festival with Marko Nastic this year in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, and tag teaming with Seth Troxler at his “Behrouz and Friends” party at WMC this year he’s now headed to New York City’s favorite Funktion One haven, Cielo for a very special birthday party thrown by the good people at Dance. Here. Now. This Thursday, April 19th. In advance of this exciting evening of music, we chatted with the esteemed DJ about his thoughts on the BPM vs. WMC debate, Burning Man, his favorite restaurants in the city, and what’s on the horizon for the summer 2012 season.


What did you think of BPM and WMC this year? What for you are the key differences between the two north American festivals?  The BPM festival has been around for the past 5 years and it's growing in a very organic way. This year I did the closing party for BPM. To explain it from my point of view is that the key differences between the two has to do with one being held in the city of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and the other one in Miami Beach, FL.  BPM is more laid back. It's how WMC was in the early 90's. It's way cheaper for people to come experience it and of course done on a much smaller scale. WMC has become all about the money clubs are making and sometimes, to me, it feels like it has nothing to do with the conference. I remember in 1994 or 1995 how special it was and there were times you could really sell a track to a label and that track would blow up during WMC. Unfortunately not any more and it's a perfect example how money has changed this scene.

Have you ever, or are you planning on going to burning man?
  Yes! Many times. I grew up in San Francisco and used to go to the Full Moon parties which is what the Burning Man party initially started from.  I was the main resident DJ at two of the best clubs in San Francisco for 16 years, DV8 and 1015 Folsom for the Release party. I am fortunate to know a lot about the Burning Man culture which makes it so comfortable and fun for me to go to. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to play every year at BM.  Last year I played a very special set after the burn on the Robot Heart bus. It was a special moment which I will never forget!

What’s on the horizon for the summer? Will 2012 see you be hitting any festivals in Europe or holding any residencies in Ibiza?
  Definitely going to Europe! However, Ibiza is changing and to be honest, don't know how bad it will get but money is the culprit again and it's changing the island. I think the locals or the Ibizancos are the special ones who have brought the magic to the island and I love to see them and play for them all the time. They're a very special group of people which I have a lot of respect for. I will be going this month to lock down a residency somewhere but not sure where yet . Ibiza has become very mafia style. All the labels have their own night so if you are not part of their gang you don't play there. I am part of my own gang: myself and I, so we will see because for me it's all about the music.

What club have you recently played for the first time that’s impressed you?  I just played last week in Berlin at Wilden Renate or wild Renate. It's a very cool place that kind of reminds me of old days of San Francisco at a club called End Up. Very cool place and has the vibe that I like to play in.

What party or club haven’t you played that you’d really like to
?  I would like to play at Fabric. I think it's the perfect room for me and I know I can rock Fabric!

Are you as excited about the rapidly growing acceptance of dance music in America? How does this affect what records you play in certain hotbeds of crossover dance music, like Miami for example?
  I am really excited about the movement in America and I am proud of it because I held this flag for long time and never sold out and at any time.  I could have but I'm glad I didn't. I think America is a very special place. For example in Europe you do a big record and every one will remember you and next year they forget you but in the US, you constantly rock the rooms and play and the crowd will not forget you! But you must be consistent and etch your name on the stone so people will all ways remember you.

Do you ever play tag team sets? Who’s your favorite person to throw down with?  Yes! As a matter of fact I just did this during the WMC at my party Behrouz and Friends. That favorite person is Seth Troxler and he is a good friend and I love his energy and attitude. We can always bring something different into the set and up and coming DJ's should take notes from him.

What are some of your favorite places to grab a bite in New York when you’re in town for a gig?  My favorite place in NY is Cafe Habana. I have always gone for for the corn (can't get enough of it). I try to go there every time I am in NYC. Also make a point to visit some good Asian restaurants in Chinatown. We have horrible Asian food in Miami and coming from San Francisco, I'm spoiled and next to SF, NYC has amazing Asian food!

Who’s making records that really do the job for you lately on the dancefloor?
  Wow, there are so many good ones. To name a few, when it comes to techno, I like Dario Zanker and most of his stuff doesn't come on digital, only on vinyl . Another one comes from producer Dorian Paic and I really like his sound (kind of dubby techno). You can check him out on Assemble Music. Also enjoy &ME. I like some of his records and they have really good rhythm programming. Funk E is another one. Also, Delano Smith- really enjoyed his new album An Oddyssey and I have it both on vinyl and digital.

As you travel the world DJing, what DJs do you think are ones to watch for 2012?
  I think at the moment the DJ's that have really made me go "WOW", were the Romanian DJ's "RPR" consisting of Radu, Raresh and Pedro. These guys have been collecting very rare vinyls and have been studying them very carefully, doing their research and own edits and I really enjoy the way they play. They play long sets and I like their whole attitude towards music which is basically no ego and no bullshit! Remember, it's all about the music!

As we look forward to your massive birthday party at Cielo in New York City for Dance. Here. Now, what can fans expect from you at this event?  A true journey of music with solid programming and mixing. I like to take my crowd on a musical journey and that's my goal. In NYC I have many good friends that come to my shows who are true music lovers and some of them are Burners and they all know how to properly party. I love NY and Dance. Here. Now!

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