File sharing networks are continuing to feel the wrath of scorned record labels (and governments missing out on their tax revenues), with one of the old guard services LimeWire making an out-of-court settlement with rights protection agency Merlin. After the whole Napster era, Limewire was one of the more notable and successful P2P filesharing services. Since shutting down in 2010, LimeWire has already paid $105m to some no doubt very pissed off record labels, and The Guardian is now reporting that the company’s long-running battle with Merlin has now come to an end, now paying out another $10m in compensation.

Merlin represents a handful of significant independent labels, including XL Recordings and Domino, who were left out of the initial 2011 settlement. Merlin is now reportedly looking to take legal action against other filesharing networks. The shitstorm continues.

Check out our feature looking over some of the artwork of XL Recordings. If the images inspire you to listen to an album you haven't yet heard, you can always use one of the more recent P2P services to illegally download it.

Just to cover our arses, we'd like to state that was a joke.

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