Pure Ivy Radio Episode 4: Ben Morris

Pure Ivy Radio Episode 4: Ben Morris

From his humbling beginnings as a resident at the long running institution, KINK, Ben Morris emerged as the musical driving force behind the success of the legendary club night. The success of KINK translated into the release of two mix compilations through Ministry Of Sound, both of which were mixed by Ben, with the helping hands of KINK International favourites Moguai and Sharam Jey. Today Ben is considered, by both peers and audiences alike, to be one of the most respected DJs in the Australian dance scene, always pushing the envelope while still entertaining an anticipating crowd. He's a natural choice for Pure Ivy Radio Episode 4.

Pulse: Favorite club night or gig you've ever played and why? Ben Morris: Club Mass in Seoul Korea. It is still my favourite club gig I have played to date. The fact that the world cup was on and Korea won its first game probably helped make the vibe amazing.

Top 3 classic tracks that never fail you? Only need one. What Else Is There (Trentemoller remix) by Royksopp.

If you could play a gig anywhere in the world where would you choose? I'm really keen to play in Russia. I hear nothing but good things.

What are your thoughts on the Pure Ivy Radio idea of broadcasting mixes and interviews of their artists in the lead up to the gig? It's great for the artist to give a little insight into what they will play at Ivy that week.

What are your plans for 2012? Make more music, release a lot more music.

Thoughts on how the Sydney EDM scene is going? Is it growing? We have a lot of quality producers emerging in Sydney but I think as a whole the scene is not growing at the moment.

Which local artist is doing what you want to see more of at the moment? Feenixpawl. These boys are killing it at the moment.

What would you like to see more of in Sydney? Convenience stores...

What are your thoughts on how social networking and online media are helping DJs to further their careers? Is it a must these days to have a website, soundcloud, facebook, twitter and current press shots for your job? Of course. It's a full time job just updating them all regularly.

Who's making the music you wish you were or admire at the moment? Hardwell.

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