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Paperecordings Pulse Exclusive

James Huxley, London - United Kingdom - on 27/2/12

Paperecordings Pulse Exclusive

Since launching in 1994, Paperecordings has been one of the house music's leading labels hosting the likes of Crazy P, Mic Newman, Jay Shepheard and Salt City Orchestra. The label will be launching a quarterly show featuring guest mixes and interviews and hosted by Flash Atkins. February's show features interviews with Dead Rose Company, Horse Meat Disco's Luke Howard and an exclusive mix from Sleazy McQueen. Listen to it here on Pulse.

Ralph Myerz – The Magik of You
Proviant Audio – Take Me Back…(Brennan Green Mix)

Luke Howard Interview

Double Exposure – My Love Is Free
Daco – Artificial Sweetener

The Dead Rose Music Company Interview

Stop The Car – Homebound (The Dead Rose Music Company Mix)
Hot Toddy – Some Time Last Night

Sleazy McQueen Mix &  Interview

Deep&Disco - Elisco
BG Baarregaard - Playboy
Gazeebo INTL - Bedroom Bullies (Sleazy McQueen Remix)
2 Billion beats - Factories & Pistons
Yaz - Situation (Dub)
We Need To Reconnect
We Need To Reconnect (Dicky Trisco Dub)
Session Victim - Keyboarder
Left To Devices
Ny*ak – Tenderly
Flash Atkins - Hard Days
Leca - Good Love Inhale
Those Norwegians - Da King Da Mazda
Research - Day By Day (Original Mix)
Harlem Zip Code – I Feel Music

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