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Ibiza Intern

James Huxley, London - United Kingdom - on 10/2/12

Ibiza Intern

Pulse will be taking residence in the white isle this summer and we need someone special to make the cubra libres. Based out of our Ibiza HQ we're looking for someone that can essentially manage all things Pulse, which includes:

- Pulse Ibiza content. You'll be Pulse's eyes and ears on the ground. This will mean reporting on the latest events and everything thats going on in the island and publishing this on the site. This will see you writing news, interviews, features and ideally taking some pictures of the whole thing.

- Social Networks. Our facebook and twitter accounts will be over in Ibiza, and we'll need someone to keep them interesting.

- Point of contact. We'll need someone in regular contact with all the other movers and shakers on the island, to make sure we are abreast of everything that's going on.

- Bits and bobs. The list of additional extras is endless, but all the following will undoubtedly be called into play at some point or another:

  • Getting Pulse Staff / DJs from afterparties to airport/club gigs
  • Organising guestlist with difficult doorstaff
  • Sorting out a soundsystem for a last minute cave rave

So what are we looking for? Well, personality, sense of humor and commitment are essential. As is an understanding that there is a job to be done. Other than that:

- Previous writing experience (send links / examples)

- Understanding of dance music and open mind to all genres

- Previous experience in dance music would be preferable

- Ability to problem solve, multi task and do what's needed to get the job done. 

The job will definitely not be 9-5 and you'll be required to work in the day as well as in clubs. Ideally from May - September and you'll need to sort out your own accomodation and flights. So that's all the nitty gritty, if we need to tell you the benefits of doing this, you need not apply.

Otherwise send a brief letter explaining why you think you'll be suited to the position. Please include any relevant experiences of the above and basically sell yourself here. (Overly long applications are unlikely to be read) 

We'll be organising interviews over the phone or Skype and will look to have made a decision made by April.

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