Stop Press!  Pulse HQ has heard whispers that one of the world's biggest and brightest festivals, Mexico's BPM, is set to spread its wings this year and head across the Atlantic to Europe.  Sources have confirmed that plans are in place to ensure the festival, which happens across the new year period in Playa Del Carmen and is in its fifth year, has a presence in the Europe after an influx of interest and visitors from these shores at this year's event.  Hosting the likes of Culprit, Toolroom, Desolat, Crosstown Rebels and Heidi's Jackathon across its ten days and with cave raves from Jonny White's No.19 label, it's yet to be confirmed what kind of shape the festival would take, but if reports from Mexico are anything to go by promoters on this side of the Atlantic had better be prepared to up their game. Don't just take our word for it- here's what Pillow Talk had to say about this year's BPM on Pulse.

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