With a ‘phase one’ line-up featuring Tiesto, New Order, Kraftwerk, David Guetta and Armin van Buuren, Miami’s Ultra Music Festival is  again reaching for the big time, but this time it seems the show will go ahead without everyones favourite controversy, Deadmau5

In a Christmas video stream chatting with fans over the web, Deadmau5 vented frustration with Ultra’s exclusivity contracts that prevent it's acts from playing other gigs during Miami Music Week, as well as the high ticket prices and festivals in general.

“Ultra to me is like the definition of insanity,” he says. “It’s doing the same fucking thing every year, expecting different results every time. Why would you go every year? 595 fucking dollars for a ticket? Wow, someone’s laughing to the bank. I love Miami, but I hate these fucking festival things. I would rather spend 50 or 100 dollars to see my favourite act rather than doshing out 600 bucks to see all these fucking people, most of which are playing at the same fucking time.”

In the rest of the video, Deadmau5 talks at length on the “fucked up” exclusivity contracts, the “shit that flies around” when you assemble a line-up of big egos, why Daft Punk won’t do festivals and the difficulty in acheiving his production needs alongside other headline acts.

Later on New Year’s Eve, Deadmau5 posted to Facebook with a less critical but all the same revealing post, summarising 2011 as a difficult year. “Anyway, just gunna wrap up these shows this year n try to have a little fun,” he wrote. “I’ve been dealing with severe depression and anxiety all year. Taking a long time off after my birthday to hopefully get it sorted out before I say or do anything more stupid than I already have.” 

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