2011 coming to the end and it was the most excited year for me and my diynamic boys. we are thankful for 2011 and ready for 2012 ! When i get the offer for this nice feature on pulseradio, the first idea was if i like to write about my productions or music career. I thought cool, a chance to go deeper into my musicworld, but i had a other idea. - Mladen Solomun 

One of the most important things about a good club-night is precise organization. It's the base for a successful and special party. It's always a bit of a mess sometimes to arrive at a venue, finding out that agreements have not been observed. Driver, Hotel. The whole organization around the gig. Because of so much playing every weekend, this is coming more and more important and my agency check everything before i arrive, if all is running like it has to be. Now i understand the big DJs who've been doing it for a while.

On the other hand an open minded club-crowd is of course playing a big role for a memorable and emotive club-night. People that ain't taking care about how to dance, how to look like or how to behave are always a lovelier audience, creating a more personal vibe. Since the promotion-video from our rooftop-party at Sonar festival last year, which got a big rotation on YouTube, people got inspired by the idea of sit-downs. In lot's of clubs I was playing at from that time on people started doing sit-downs, and sit-downs always are a sign for a tolerant club-crowd doing no "whoiswho"-stuff. Maybe that's why I love them so much. But you can't force a sit down, it has to be the right moment and to be honest, sometimes it doesn't fit.

I guess it's not necessary to mention the organization again. It's always worst case scenario if the organization ain't done.  Also bad vibes or bad feelings build up a distance to the crowd and can instantly ruin a club-night. Entering the club and being talked to like there was no tomorrow by strangers can create immediate stress. Sure, i like to talk with people and i felt very honored when they like my music or what i do, but sometimes maybe there are too euphoric and they didn't stop to ask me questions. Starting the set and and being watched like crazy by some kind of "Dj-Police" checking the ID of every track you're playing, being asked to play songs by some folks showing you their phones just to make sure you got the name of their wish right, and being interrupted in diskjockeying by people standing next to you thinking you'd like to talk now - all of this makes it harder to do a good job without the loss of having fun doing my work.

Still the very most annoying thing about club nights are people coming over looking at you, smiling all over the face and telling you to act like them. Taking up their hands to do strange gestures showing you how to smile.  Whenever people overwhelmingly try to get me to smile not missing out a chance to get me to - I feel uncertain and the last thing I'd do is smiling. Being asked to smile is my personal worst case (maybe also because it makes me think that other guests around don't think that I'm having fun.) Talking to some colleagues I found out that they all feel the same, not only djs, about that strange situation when some stranger asks you to smile. They've all known and experienced it!

At one gig one of the promoters told me that he received a call of his friend who told him that he and all his friends were totally excited about the night. They saw the Sonar sit-down clip, plus some other sit down videos and they honestly asked him, if they have to sit down when i start to play. It was sweet, but also strange. The promoter was super excited about that night and wanted to retry this Moment. I told him, that i was not sure,  because you can't plan these moments,  but they couldn't accept it from me.  When i was playing the promoters and their friends started to go down and told me to join them, to a track they'd seen a sit down video. There i was half way on the ground with maybe a quarter of the club visitors participating. The rest must have been totally confused and wondering why we were doing this. After that i was kind of angry about myself, that i tried to do him a favour. Because a sit down is a expression of one special moment and can not be forced. 

All in all this was a great and exciting yeas but the biggest moment and achievement definitely has been our own Diynamic and 2DIY4 Label-night at Ritter Butzke (Berlin). We managed to bring all members of our DIY-Family together for this one special night. The Party went 14 hours and it was crowed all the night trough. All in All 2500 people came and there was a line in front of the club. The sad part about this is that we had to refuse a lot of people. After this night we felt totally proud of ourselves and honored that so many people came to see our Diynamic artists.

top ten 2011 :
01. the dead rose music company - just a bitter love
02. Modern Amusement - cold as ice (louie fresco rmx)
03. h.o.s.h. - antonelli screaming (steve bug rmx)
04. sean roman - lick
05. miguel campbell - something special
06. dj t - city life (maceo plex rmx)
07. david august - hamburg is for lovers
08. todd terje - ragysh
09. foals - olympic airways (supermayer rmx)
10. who made who - every minute alone (tale of us & seth troxler rmx)

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