To get you in the mood for the Aussie summer festival season ahead, hip hop collective Resin Dogs have given us an exclusive guide to the artists at this year's Subsonic that are not to be missed. The Brisbane based act will be joining the Aussie boutique camping festival lineup along side acts like Apparat and Chali 2na in December. Here are the people that the boys are excited to see and what they said about them:

Tikki Taane

"We have known Tikki for a few years, even before he did the Salmonella Dub remix of our tune Gunshot dub. He was very excited about it. That was in 2003, since then he has excelled in music from front man to an artist in his own right, The new Album World of Light has so much character of the now sound of New Zealand. The track Light Years Away is a mixture of the house beats and dubstep to make a slamming floor killer plus an amazing clip as well."

"Also the Summertime tune to me is a homage to the futuristic drum and bass sounds that we have grown accustomed to…and pays homage to the NZ scene."


"Where do we start? We have known these boys for nearly 10 years now and boy have they smashed it along the way, from the first record Alleys to Valleys, Tales of the Drift, Rare sightings EP, up until Threads. It's really hard to track down a single song as all the records have merit and if you don’t have any of the records stop reading this and go and get them! Here are two highlights for us; Galactic Cadillac which was always thrashed when we played out and Bloodshot which has futuristic dub sound. Cartridge Kings gets a mention too." 

Charlie 2na 

"Again another favourite rapper of ours, like everybody we discovered him first with the J5 crew but the Fish Outta Water CD is great and showcases Charlie a lot more than the one verse usually with the group. Favourite tracks? Lock shit down is a simple basic beat and keys really makes his style stand out. So Crazy - we love this slow down electro almost like cruising the streets reggae boom bap from the hood. Also special mention is Graff Time as we love the art form."

"Also special mention is his guest spot with Mr Manuver on Join The Dots. Classic, I saw him recently at Island vibe and Charlie did not disappoint."

Subsonic music festival is happening from December 2nd to December 4th at Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley Resort in NSW.

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