Livio and Roby are the Romanian renegades that have been destroying dancefloors all over the world. Signed to Desolat and Loco Dice’s booking agency, Artist Alife, Livio and Roby joined the likes of Guti, tINI, The Martinez Brothers and of course Loco Dice himself, working hard to spread their sound to the four corners of the globe through their productions and DJing. No strangers to the shores of London, Livio & Roby will be back on the 26th November to play at Rhythmatic’s 4th birthday alongside Onur Özer. I had a quick catch up with the Desolat duo ahead of the event to talk music, the best thing about being a DJ and party animals.

Pulse: Both of you hail from Romania – now a clubbing hotspot. What was it like growing up there? Livio: Romania is a really nice place. i was growing up with a lovely family in a little mountain town, so I was always surrounded by nature, music and lots of friends. I am so grateful.
Roby: I like Romania. It is a really nice, inspiring country and there are so many beautiful places where you can spend your time. I was born and grew up in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. I really like Bucharest, there is always something interesting about and I get cool energy there. It's my city.

How easy was it to get hold of music back in those days?  L: Back in the days it was difficult, I must say. There was not a record shop in Bucharest or Romania. So in those times we had to go and shop in Hungary or order online, mostly at Plastic Fantastic and Massive in London.
R: Yeah that was always an inconvenience, but we made good connections on the way.

Was there someone or a piece of music in particular who turned you on to electronic music? L: My father used to play accordion and I always heard him playing. He introduced me to the traditional music and I discovered electronic after that by myself, listening to a lot of Depeche Mode and other bands.
R: I was always inspired by the 80's sounds and that turned me on to electronic music in the 90's. I also studied piano when I was young, so I had an idea of how this works. Then everything came gradually.

It seemed like the scene in Romania just exploded as producers like a:rpia:r and yourselves started coming through, and then with clubs like Studio Martin and La Mania. Would you say that’s correct or was it more of a gradual growth?
L: Everything became round in that time but we started a few years before.
R: I think it was more of a gradual growth. Legendary clubs like Studio Martin and La Mania also grew up a nice crowd during these years, then everything evolved. Many good DJs and producers have gained international attention now, which is actually a really nice thing.

You’re quite prolific producers – do you prefer making music to playing it? Both: Definitely both

Which track are you most proud of?
L: Sunday Offend
R: I can't really say. For me every track has something special inside and it's really hard to pick one.

Do you ever feel the need to produce separately to see where you’re at as individual artists? L: We do this when we start a track. We mostly start a separate project then we mix them up and play around.
R: Yes, we also do some tracks separately, edits and tools. And often we put stuff together in the studio after we start projects separately.

You’ve had a pretty mad year. Can you pick a highlight? L: Cocoon - Amnesia R: Amnesia

Do you have a favourite club to play at?  Both: La Mania - it's an amazing place to play

Romanian’s are known to be seasoned party animals – is that true of you two? L: Never ever R: NO! [Laughs]

You became part of the Desolat family alongside Martin Buttrich, tINI, Guti and others after DJing with Loco Dice in Romania. Who is the biggest party animal of the group? L: Guti R: Martin

What’s the best thing about being a DJ? L: Travel the world of sound
R: Spreading sounds around the world

Livio and Roby will be joining Onur Ozer plus residents Stathis Lazarides, Wesley Razzy and Archie Hamilton at an east London warehouse on Saturday 26 November. For info and tickets head here

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