Say the names Jimpster and Andre Lodemann to most house heads and what springs to mind? Deep house? Quality sets?  Top notch productions?  Well, certainly all of the above but the one thing that binds the pair is the superb Freerange Recordings.  With the label turning 15 this year and a huge party at Corsica Studios planned for 3rd Decemeber to celebrate, we tasked A&R man for the imprint with interviewing DJ & producer Andre Lodemann and it looks as though our suggestion has paid off.

Jimpster- Where are you at the moment and what’s keeping you busy?  Andre Lodemann - I am sitting next to my buddy Daniel Best!  Just joking. Actually to be honest I have been following the Euro-crisis and the new freedom movements in North Africa in the last weeks. There is a lot of movement politically seen in the world at the moment that makes me feel so unimportant with my label and my profession as dj and producer. But of course music is still an international language to bring people of different cultures together and this is very important to me and my music besides earning money.  At the moment I am finishing some tunes for my album and still have a few remixes to do e.g. for Charles Webster, Liquiddeep, etc.

Tell us a little about Best Works Records , your label you run with Daniel Best.  Daniel and I met up in the nineties in Frankfurt/Oder on the German/Polish boarder. He always came to dance at my parties there and we became friends. He later got heavily involved in djing, booking and promoting parties in Berlin. We both felt the same love for deep-house music over the years. and when I started producing my own music he was the first one to push me forward. It was a logical step to release timeless deep clubmusic on our own imprint. we both like the idea to have a bigger influence on things we believe in.

You're becoming increasingly prolific as a remixer, tell us a little bit about how you choose which projects to take on and the remix process itself?  I always have to feel the original first before I remix it. Also I have to have the feeling that I can add a new aspect to it respecting the original vibe. The last one I did was a cover version of Herbie Hancocks "Stars in your Eyes" produced by Alton Miller that was a great challenge. It's funny my label partner Daniel Best always used to play the original on his parties. The process is usually quite a long journey until I come out with something I really like.

You're no stranger to London and you're playing at Corsica Studios for the Freerange 15 party on 3rd December. Have you played there before and how does playing out in Berlin compare to playing in London?  This will be my first gig at the Corsica Studios. I am really looking forward to it as I have heard it's a great venue. Playing London is always big fun except for the long travel not from Berlin but from the airport to London city centre. The general difference is the fact that I can play somewhat slower and deeper in Berlin at the moment without being nervous about the people leaving the dance-floor.

2011 is drawing to an end. What have been your highlights for the year  I guess you mean partywise!-
- Trouw, Amsterdam together with Melon - fantastic venue
- Winchester, Bournemouth with Wayne Bailey & Gary Ellis as the sound was unbelievable
- La Java, Paris with Nick V - a deep vibe plus an interesting dancing class at the beginning of the night
just to name a few.

So, to the future! Any major plans/hopes/goals for 2012?  I will be releasing my first album (double cd) on Bestworks Records and the idea is growing for a new event in Berlin with my labelpartner Daniel. Also looking forward to releasing my Pioneers of House compilation on Soul Candi South Africa and of course touring there.

Freerange is Fifteen
Exclusive London Party at Corsica Studios - 3rd Dec 2011
10pm – 6 am Tickets £10 / £13 / MOTD

Freerange Room
Isolée (Live) Jimpster Andre Lodemann Matt Masters

Delusions Of Grandeur Room
Session Victim (Live) Craig Smith (6th Borough Project) Norm De Plume Franc Spangler

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