Joachim Spieth's Affin recently hit a landmark with it's 100th release, so we asked the label boss to pick ten key releases from the label's history.

First of all I want to tell you that these ten Affin releases maybe shoudn't be named as the best of what the label has already released, because it's not really possible to declare ten from one hundred. But these ten give an impression about what the label stands for. I have divided them into five LP's and five EP's.


V/A - Affin 100

This jubilee compilation is a landmark for the label. For me it is really a big success to reach number 100 in difficult times for music in general (everybody knows about). Over time Affin developed almost like I wanted to see it in the early days. Nowadays you find different streams of sound. It's all about being true to the listeners as well as to be true to yourself and your preferences. 

Markus Guentner - Crystal Castle

Also very consistent that shows ambient music and the process Markus creates his soundwaves in a perfect way. When Markus offered me this album to release I was very happy. It is just more than putting some tunes together. This music really works as an unit. Since his Regensburg EP on Kompakt I've loved Markus Guentner's music. He's the only musician from the Affin label who was also part of the famous Kompakt 100 release, like me. Memories.

Little Fritter - Friz And Froth

This is the first full-length artist album from Australia's Little Fritter. When Kane (AKA Little Fritter) sent out his first demo to me (later published as In Play EP), I was sure that this artist had a really special way to handle different styles in a new and interesting groove. When you look at his work over the last two years, you'll probably tell me that I was right. This compiled album shows Little Fritter's development. I love him! By the way, Steve Lawler licensed Bubbling Bafoon to his Lights Out Decade mix on Viva Music.

V/A - Joachim Spieth presents Selected 7

It's maybe the best from the Selected series. The idea of doing this series was just to merge the different acts onto a compilation combined by the label. I'm sure that since the first Selected some people recognized other label acts just through these samplers. This helped to discover acts you maybe didn't find by using the search button on a download store. Some reviewers also wrote that it seems to come together in a natural way, even some of the single acts not sounding really similar.

Joachim Spieth - Presence

Presence was compiled to display my own work over ten years (since March 1999). So for me it was just the point i realised that I'd been in electronic music for a decade. Including my debut Abi 99 on Kompakt, to the banging Under Pressure (Sven Vath charted & played in those days) from Speicher onto the newer remixes and my time with Paso Music (Last Exit with Marc Miroir).


Deepchild - Gnade Und Vergessen

This EP from Deepchild is just gorgeous. It's going really into what Deepchild loves to do with his music and you can feel it while listening/dancing to it. Also the Brendon Moeller remixes are ace. I would say that it is a good harvest. Deep & dubby. A project that is full of love. The title Immer Liebe isn't without reason, It's a very social release, because everybody involved showed love to it and received love.

Chemie - Entropy

Entropy is one of the best techno tracks the label has released (in my personal opinion). I still play it out sometimes, and it sounds fresh and powerful everytime. When I got this as a single demo tune I was sure to do a one track EP, because the tune stands for itself and it was a statement. Perfect! It was a very successful EP.

Jamal Moulay - Dusty Wings

The Dutch based Jamal Moulay with his debut EP in 2010. Like I said before, it was similar to the first demo from Little Fritter. I signed this as a three track EP, because it was clear that Jamal is a very talented producer who found his own way, something you can't describe in words. You often listen to good tunes from young talented artists, but it's sometimes only for a track. This one was very clear and beautiful. Regarding the feedback we received on this debut, it was loved by techno & house people. Something you don't find very often these days.

James Hunter - Heybo

Another debut EP on the label. James is also a younger producer but has a very defined sound and i'm sure to know that a tune is from him, even if i don't really know that it is a hunter tune. YokoO's remix was also a special present added to this EP. Really looking forward to the follow up next feb/march from James.

Dirty Culture - It's A Freak In Me

Tudor (Dirty Culture) is an romanian artist who joined the label in the second year. On this EP you'll find a great driving Someone Else remix as well as the original and finally a very phat remix from The Dolphins (our Italian group). The whole EP works really well on the dancefloor. No more words to say.

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