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Renaissance Man - Not just fast, but Turbo...

Writer - Jodie Ingram on 20/10/11

Renaissance Man - Not just fast, but Turbo...

Hailing from Lapland, the two piece architectural outfit Renaissance Man are set to release their debut LP courtesy of Tiga' Turbo Recordings imprint. What Do You Do When You Do What You Do is the perfect insight into the Renaissance Man project. Since their 2008 releases on labels like Sound Pellegrino and Dubsided, the duo have been away crafting a sound by their own methods of ticking clocks, fireworks and ping pong balls, not satisfied by the non organic approach of recording by a laptop. Renaissance Man are certainly thinking, designing and standing on top of the box, and Jodie Ingram caught up with one half of the duo prior to the albums release.

Hi Ville, you're both architects by trade right? If we want to be exact, Martti is an architect and i studied design. Both have worked in architecture anyways. That's how we met.

Do you separate your day job completely to producing/djing or do you find they intertwine with one another?  I'm working only on music at the moment, but in the beginning (and surely in the future) the two things work pretty well parallel. It's Just a question of well managed time distribution. Polymath problems.

Behind the scenes: "What Do You Do When You Do What You Do" from Renaissance Man on Vimeo.

The album shows shows your enthusiasm for production, i saw a videon how you think outside of the box, who' idea was this and how did it come about? This track we made together with Tuomas Toivonen who runs the office now in Helsinki. That's the place we all worked back in the day. He got this amazing instrument called Hyalion made for another project, and we wanted to record some of it for the album. We recorded a long live session and then built the track What Do You Do When You Do What You Do around it.

The Renaissance Man project sounds like an electronic album made to listen to rather then dj, was that your intention? Yeah we wanted to make something that doesn't care about dance floor functionalities. An album is the right format for exploration and experimentation. DJ music is based on tracks but I think a good album can't be just collection of 12 tracks, it has to be something more. Otherwise I would never listen through the whole thing.

I also think that you've made a real cohesive full length, is there an aesthetic to how you captured the sound? Thanks! We are constantly trying to develop new ways we could write music so the process wont get boring for ourselves. The whole album was written in kind of one long eight month session. And event thought the tracks are really different the working methods and the aesthetic they create ties them together somehow.

The record's really exciting to listen to, particularily having the hidden track, who's idea was that?  It's a tribute to the golden era of the CD album format.

Any collaborations planned in the future? We are now working with a Berlin based choreographer Jared Gradinger for our next music video that we are directing. Also a lot of other stuff cooking, but can't reveal more yet.

And finally, are you enjoying Berlin from Helsinki?  Both cities have their pros and cons. Berlin is better for me at the moment, although i just lost my studio so i might as well pop by to some other city after winter. I'm not really tied in to any city as the working setup is so light and flexible. Good side of this job.

Renaissance Man, What Do You Do When You Do What You Do is out 30.10.11 on Turbo Recordings

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