Darren Emerson is one of UK techno's most defining figures, from one of the UK's first , work with Underworld, legendary Global Underground mixes and DJ sets all over the world. Carlos Hawthorn speaks to Darren following his gig at Space Ibiza.

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Hi Darren, thanks for your time. Where are you currently? How are you feeling now that summer appears to be over? (I'm asking did it ever start...) Yeah been a bit wet. [Laughs] But I've been traveling a fair bit. I was in Ibiza with Carl Cox last week, we had some great gigs; Fuji Rock and AgeHa in Japan were rocking.

You just played for him at Space, alongside Digweed, Yousef, Christian Smith. What's it like when you guys get together these days, still the same old mayhem? [Laughs] Yeah. Great to hang with my old buddies. We go back a long way,so was great to catch up and we had a great time.

You've just released Detone04 – How has the release been received? Yeah seems to be rocking and quite a few DJ's have taken it on.

The release comes with four remixes, all very different – Is this to spread the track (and label) to as diverse and wide a range of dance music fans as possible? It's just about good vibes, and not really thinking about spreading the track, I just got some cool remixers in that i like.

The label is over a year old now. Hows it all going, much the experience you expected it to be? So far so good and there's loads more to come. It's Just a great way to get my music out. My own stuff and collaborations with old friends, so yeah, all good.

You've been in the scene for nearly coming on 20 years now. Do you still enjoy every aspect of it as much as ever? How do you keep it fresh?
Yeah, 20 years and I still love it. How do I keep it fresh? I dunno. I just do what I do, there's some great music being produced and that keeps you going. [Laughs]

Would you say from your experience as an artist, that the scene is easier now than it once was? Well, taking a USB stick to gigs is a lot easier these days. But saying that I'm missing the Vinyl. I'm thinking of taking a few bits out as well as the USB. 

Musically, do you feel that your sound has changed at all over the years? Do you feel the need to explore new grounds? Hmmmm. It always goes back to house and Techno. But you need to, well, I listen to so much music. Not just dance stuff. It's a big playground out there to explore..That's what turns me on, from acoustic to Heavy Dubstep. All good for my ears. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the Podcast you've put together for Pulse?  It's really amazing [Laughs]  Just another groove goin on.

And finally, what's next for Darren Emerson? A few productions goin on, some for Detone. Then doing some other vibes, you'll hear them soon.

1. Jewels- Original Mix - Alex Niggeman - Soulfooled
2. Marimba For God - J. Beauregard B. and The Children of God.- Adjunct
3 I Exist Because Of You (Henrik Schwarz live version) - Innervisions
4.Seven Hills - Original Mix - Steve Bug, Cle - Poker Flat
5.For You - Original Mix -Philip Bader - Highgrade Records
6. Indigo -Azari & III - Turbo Recordings
7. Shake It - Ted Patterson Remix - Warren Clarke, Ted Patterson -Biglove
8. Au GoGo - Darren Emerson – Detone

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