She Can DJ's Top 10 finalists will compete live on the night with only one winner to be titled She Can DJ winner 2011. The ultimate winner will be offered a global recording contract with EMI Music, joining an incredible roster that includes David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, deadmau5, The Chemical Brothers and many more global dance music stars, as well as a trip of a lifetime to attend the infamous Ibiza closing parties 2011. Meet the finalists:


More random and raucous than any Mad Hatter tea party, the diminutive party DJ thrives on ambushing her audience with the unexpected, regardless of genre, age or BPM. So Grandmaster Flash mixed into The Cure? No worries. Run DMC into Adele? Sure, why not, it's all fair play.
"I just love watching people get surprised when I drop a track they wouldn't expect."  - Alison Wonderland 


Amber Savage by SheCanDJ

"DJing's something that I cannot get sick of," she says. "It's had a hold on me since the word go. Every time I do a mix, I learn something. Playing music for people is exactly where I belong, that's where I feel at home." - Amber Savage


Claire is a vinyl junkie and and music-maker who has spent the last 10 years gigging her way up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia. Claire still swears by playing vinyl, although she's slowly adopting CDJs. "There's very few DJ's that play vinyl any more but I love it," she says. "It's certainly not as versatile, but I adore the sound of it, the tactile nature of it and clubbers enjoy watching someone play vinyl because they're so used to people tapping on CDJs."


She will tell you its not about looking the package, its about loving what you do and being dedicated to the music and the industry. Charting ARIA charts each week and helping to run the Safari record Label brand also reflects honest dedication and passion.


Before DJing, Gabby made her mark as a professional dancer at the age of 17, working on music videos and in clubs, (which is where she discovered the art of DJing). Gabby still runs her dance school, Elevate Performing Arts and if that wasn't enough to keep her busy, she also launched her boutique fashion label Trois in 2010 to rave reviews. Trois is now stocked in over 30 stores in Australia and overseas. Clearly the girl doesn't sleep, but while she loves having her fingers in multiple pies, she says she gets the biggest buzz when they're on her CDJs in front of a room full of clubbers.


"When you go out and play professionaly, you will have critics and the only way to answer them is to be good at what you do. That's my main advice - don't play out until you're good enough don't rush it. Especially with the big clubs, you only get one shot!" - Helena 


SHE CAN DJ by Leah Mencel

Leah Mencel had a unique motivation for becoming a DJ - she wanted an excuse not to dance at clubs.

"I love music but I don't really dance," says the softly-spoken spinner. "So I was really over standing by the wall feeling awkward. I was like 'how can I get most involved in this situation without dancing?' and I was like I could be that guy up there!" - Leah Mencel


As one of the leading ladies in the scene, Minx has been breaking down walls since she started spinning in 2004 while living in Adelaide. A lover of dance music since day dot, she'd practise her DJing for fun in her local club during the week before it opened.

"It was just a hobby," she says. "I never wanted to do it as a job, never thought you could actually do it as a career. It's just something I love and naturally moved into."

She started playing sets around town and two years, her thrilling skills caught the ears and eyes of powerhouse promoters OneLove, who signed her up as their first ever female resident to play their club nights around the country.


InTheMix SheCanDJ Promo Mix by RachelAndrews

Not many lawyers with a Masters degree can also boast a booming DJing career on the side but it's all in a day's work for Rachel Andrews. When the sun's up, she's providing legal advice; when it's down, she's an energetic entertainer specialising in commercial house and dance.


July NZ Mini Mix by SarahRobertson

The DJ/model has just got back from her biggest gig to date: a seven-month residency at the official Playboy Club in Macau, China, as a Playboy Bunny and resident DJ. In addition to being the face of the club's advertising campaign (she was plastered all over billboards, ferries and buses), she played six nights a week and clocked 25 hours a week behind the decks.

"It was definitely a great endurance training ground," she says of the experience. "It's quite hard DJing with ears on your head and a tail and a corset bunny costume but if you can do that, you can do anything." 

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