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BK-One - Tema Do Canibal (Rhymesayers)

Writer - Dan Swindells on 18/8/11

BK-One - Tema Do Canibal (Rhymesayers)

Tema Do Canibal (Sampler)

BK-One, the Minneapolis Producer/DJ is on the verge of releasing the follow up to his Brazilian inspired 2009 album Radio Do Canibal on Rhymesayers. The warm reception his debut received has led to the release of Tema Do Canibal, an EP featuring remixes from Radio. Similar to the original, BK has pulled together a superb mix of MC’s, producers and musicians alike to get amongst his fusion of hip hop beats and South American flair. This sampler only features two of the tracks, but the complete EP features Chicago’s Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and the famed Sau Paulo percussionist Helcio Milito as well as MF Doom and Exile, whos skills are on show here.

First up, Tema Do Canibal - Video Edit, immediately demonstrates the endless possibilities of amalgamating these two hip hop cultures. A gentle bongo percussion intro is followed by the heavy hitting entry of the hypnotic brass ensemble. Their involvement alone creates a pretty special sound but with the addition of a simple BK beat, the union of Brazillian funk and American hip hop is alive and well once again.

Track 2 sees Exile and the legendary MF Doom change the pace. In the Mind the Gap remix we again see the use of horns, this time expertly cut by Exile. MF Doom drops a typically peculiar verse which flows well with the mellow, off central beat and the various voices and sounds that are work into the track. From just the two tracks, you are left with a certain degree of expectation. With the talent involved in this project the possibilities are endless. If you thrive on collaborations and the global nature of hip hop, this EP, pressed on clear green vinyl and dropping on the 30th of August is not to be missed.

1. Video Edit (BK-One)
2. Mind The Gap Remix (Exile feat. MF DOOM)
3. Tamba Remix (DJ Nuts)
4. Tema Do Canibal II (Arthur Verocai)
5. Journey Into Sound Remix (Mike 2600)
6. Disco Ginga Remix

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