Toob celebrate their tenth year in the world of slightly off kilter dance music this year.  With a back catalogue of lauded releases on various labels, the pair have been back in the studio preparing a new album and working on their new EP, Chromaphon, out now. The duo prepared an exclusive mix for ours and your listening pleasure. They are also offering free track to download into the bargain- grab it here. 

Helen S spoke to  Jakeone of Toob:

Toob mix recorded live in Portugal 

Scroll down for tracklisting.

 Pulse:  Hello Jake. Where are you right now?  Jakeone:  In my studio in Dalston, East London.

Toob has been going since 2001- how did you guys first get together?  I was playing live electronics for Rich's other band, Red Snapper. The two of us used to jam during dead-time at sound checks and rehearsals etc.

 Run us through who's in charge of what when yourself and Rich are in the studio.  I'm in charge, Rich plays drums. Not really. Rich lives in Wales so the way we work these days is by sending ideas back and forth over the Internet. It works really well for us. He'll start something, I'll develop it or vice versa. Things come together really quickly. Then I'll either mix it here or go down to his with a bunch of equipment and drink beer instead of mixing there.

Run us through how the first album, How To Spell Toob, came about.   We released an album in 2004 on Lo Recordings called "How to Spell Toob". We started as a live project initially and did a whole bunch of gigs before we released our first 12" on Groovetech, a deep housey thing with a fantastic Kenny Hawkes mix, and then a harder electro single on my label Flameboy. I think we were a bit confused. Similarly the 1st album is a mish mash of tunes we had developed playing live and those that we made in the studio with vocalists Zoe Bicat and Shingai Shoniwa (now of Noisettes). It certainly has its moments but "Push Me Pull You" we kind of consider our first proper focused studio album.

Your second album, Push Me Pull You, had some excellent reviews.  How did that change the musical game for you?  Not nearly as much as we would have liked if you want the honest answer! It was great to have loads of people we respect say nice things about our music, but I'm not sure how much that helps the bigger picture.. Though we did do some ace gigs off the back of it, and one of the tunes got used in CSI, which was handy. So musn't grumble etc.

Toob is renowned for its slightly off the wall approach to 4/4 beats, what or who would you say influences that?  Are we? Great. Well I think a lot of it has to do with us both being really into Afrobeat and music with real off-kilter funk to it in general, electronic or otherwise. Rich is a shit-hot drummer and beat programmer so we're bound to play around with the rhythms a bit. That, and our general inability to not throw about 15 different influences into every record. We would love to make a great straight-up techno or electro record, we love slot of that stuff, but somehow I don't really see that happening.

In the last ten years, where have you enjoyed playing the most?  There have been a lot of good ones. Probably one of the most special ones was in St Petersburg. It was this big festival called "White Nights" on the longest day of the year. Mogwai were supposed to headline but the drummer hurt his foot or something so they couldn't make it, Adult were next on the bill but they got stuck in traffic on the way from their previous gig. So we ended up headlining in front of about 8000 people, just me on a few synths and a laptop and Rich on drums. They loved it.

You recently released a new EP, Chromaphon, any plans to take that live on the road?  Well, for the new stuff we are doing at the moment we have ditched the full live drum kit in favour of, mostly, electronic percussion.  So our old live setup isn't really relevant to the new material. I have started DJing a bit again, playing a lot of versions and mixes of our stuff, and we are working on a set that is an extension of that with Rich playing said electronic percussion over the top.

 And what's coming up for Toob release-wise or collaboration-wise?  We have an album's worth of new material written and mixed, and our still writing new stuff. But instead of releasing it all at once we've decided to put it out in smaller packages on different labels etc. We are still finalising that so will let you know, but we are going to be giving away a free single very soon.  There is a top remix package of the Chromaphon EP coming out early Sept, as is a remix we've done for Red Snapper that we are also really excited about.

Tiago's Balls
Ensemble Economique "Shacks Built From Plywood" (Not Not Fun)
Red Snapper "Racing Snake" Greymatter mix (V2)
Toob "Fatball" (Unreleased)
Toob "Just Make It" (Dewolfe/Rouge)
Ricardo Villalobos "Easy Lee" 2020 Vision mix (Free download)
Recloose "Cardiology" Isolee mix (Playhouse)
Cottam "Untitled" (Cottam)
Delta Funktionen "Devolution" (Ann Aimee)
Toob "Skinbox" Instrumental Edit (Process)
Toob "Nueva Onda" (Unreleased)
Auntie Flo "Oh My Days" (Huntleys + Palmers)
Found "Reshaping" Toob's 3rd Reshape (Process)
Scoville "Bad Crab Hand" (Unreleased)
Toob "Dervish Angel" Instrumental (Process)
Lee J Malcolm "Onestar Applicant" James Ruskin Rework (EPM)
No Data Available "Mastermind" (Unreleased)
Boddika "Spray" (Free download)
Funkineven "Rolands Jam" (Eglo)
Toob "Chromaphon" Radioactive Man mix 2 (Process)
Toob "Chromaphon" Point B mix (Process)
Toob "Chromaphon" (Process)
A Made Up Sound "Rear Window - Shattered" (Delsin)
The Elementz "Hotpantz Riddim" (TEPL)
Perc "My Head Is Slowly Exploding" (Perc Trax) / JimiNoJ "Love You Down" Jimi Edgar mix (Free download)
Toob "Wavaphon" (Process)
Smear "Inert" Retail and Leisure mix (Dynamic Reflection)
Cosmin TRG "De Dans" (50 Weapons)
Radio Nasty "Radio 3" (EPM)
Toob "Unsound Skin" Instrumental (Process)
Albert "Side Showed Out" (Studio Rockers)
Peverilist "Dance Till The Police Come" (Hessle Audio)
Objekt "CLK Recovery" (Objekt) / NDF "Since We Last Met" (DFA)
Robert Hood "The Family" (M-Plant)
Mau'lin "Good Arithmetic" (Ho_Tep)
Shackleton "Fireworks" (Honest Jon's) / Patrick Walker "Phase Linear" (Dynamic Reflection)
Toob "Waiting For Bob" (Unreleased)
Sigha "I Am Apathy I Am Submission" (Blueprint)
Toob "Pirate Teeth" (Process)
Red Snapper "Jack" Toob mix (V2)

To purchase Toob's Chromaphon EP, head here
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