Com Truise
Galactic Melt

Recently, DJ Harvey referred to the Com Truise remix of his track, Throwdown, as ‘very modern sounding’. That might seem a tad surprising to some, given that almost everything about Truise – from the synth-heavy electro beats and tongue-in-cheek moniker right through to all the meticulous artwork – is a self-conscious throwback to the technology-fetishisizing 1980s. That aside, there’s still a remarkably up-to-date sharpness to Truise’s production (probably what Harvey was referring to, but who would know with that guy!), not to mention the fact his tracks muscle along at a pace befitting of the current slow-mo disco sound.

Just one of New Jersey producer Seth Haley’s many guises (he also records under the names SYSTM, Sarin Sunday and Airliner), Com Truise first came to attention via the freely distributed Cyanide Sisters EP almost a year ago, creating such a buzz that Haley was immediately snapped up by Ghostly International and the EP officially released back in January. A second EP and a debut album later and not a whole lot has changed; the retro synth jams on Galactic Melt are still as trippy, punchy and purely electronic as ever. You could almost accuse the sound of being far too samey, but that’s kind of the point. To deviate too far from the distinctly sci-fi aesthetics would merely ruin the fantasy.

If that makes it seem like Galactic Melt might favour style over substance, don’t worry, it doesn’t. Despite essentially being ten variations on the same psychedelic, Commodore 64 synth-stab theme, the album still holds plenty of range. If naughty digital-funk is what you crave, there’s enough hard-hitting edginess to tracks like Futureworld and VHS Sex to satisfy. Want to soar through the ether on a feel-good high? Check Flightwave. Or, if you prefer your electro with a hint of melancholy, the cyborg-kitten meows of Glawio or wistful synth-waves of Brokendate will placate.

As much as it harks back to the 80s, what’s also so surprising, and satisfying, is how staunchly Com Truise’s debut smacks of the future. Maybe all those films from the era that it recalls - where travelling through time and space, creating the girl of your dreams on your computer or having a robot with human emotions as your best friend is totally commonplace –  weren't just fanciful nonsense. Maybe it’s all on the very distant horizon. Heck, pop on some headphones, play Galactic Melt and you’re already there. 

Com Truise - Galactic Melt (2011) by daftdreamy

01. Terminal
02. VHS Sex
03. Cathode Girls
04. Air Cal
05. Flightwave
06. Hyperlips
07. Brokendate
08. Glawio
09. Ether Drift
10. Futureworld 

Com Truise on Pulse