The mysterious of duo Tiger & Woods are very much in demand with the release of their debut album on Running-Back fast approaching. However despite their popularity, the pair like to stay shrouded in mystery, with little known about them other than their chance meeting in a record store. Information on them is scarce and interviews even more so. Nevertheless, Pulse was lucky enough to have a talk with the pair as Deborah Schmidt caught them before their gig at Berlin's Horst Krzbrg.

Pulse: It seems awfully lucky that you just 'met' in a record store and then had that fabulous name.... Tiger & Woods: Didn't Gamble & Huff meet in an elevator? Well, our meeting in a record store is much more obvious.

Why not Woods & Tiger? Why not Wiger & Toods? or in a 4/4 funk drum grid scenario, why don't you place a snare on the first 16th and a kick on the fifth?

How do you explain your growing popularity despite your mysterious identity? Don't you agree that in a world where everyone is shouting, silence is the loudest noise? In a world where everyone seems to know everything, for once we thought it was more fun not to unveil much.

Do the Tiger & Woods EP’s named Hole In One and Caddy Change suggest you like Golf? We really don't like golf. After all these victories we had enough of sand bunkers, greens, caddies....

Why 80s tunes? Do you sometimes wish that you had been 80s artists yourself? What would have been better then? In our latest works it's not about 80's in general, but about a specific sound we grew up with. Who knows, this won't be mandatory forever... In the 80's we could buy some synths really hard to find now, though.

What do you think of current club culture? And how do you see yourself positioned within? Our project is a result of twenty years (and maybe more) of club culture, our aim is to preserve that "feel good" party vibe.

Your debut album Through The Green will be released soon. How come you give some copies away for free after gigs before the official release date? Because we're not greedy people!

What role does Running Back boss, Gerd Janson play in your career? In which way did he contribute to the making of Through The Green? Gerd Janson is our favourite DJ and the way he plays is constant inspiration for what we do.

What does it mean to you that your debut album is released on Running Back? We love Running Back, it's an amazing label! We really wanted to be part of it!

On Through The Green you included some original Tiger & Woods tracks. What brought you to this decision? Doing edits is fun, but the album shows the result of "edit studies" we've done in the last couple of years. Again it's about the music, in this case, edit flavoured original music.

You got some vocal support from ‘Em. Tell me a bit about her. How did the collaboration take place? 
'Em is a young and talented singer from where we come from, and she perfectly fits with what we do. The post-edit original compositions were definitively crying for a skilled vocalist and that's when she joined us. You'll def hear about her solo project in the future.

Your sound is often compared to DJ Sneak. What do you think of this association? We respect any associations made by those who listen to our works.

In which way might your sound develop over the next few months/years? What can we expect from you in general? Keep your ears wide opened... More surprises expected right after the album...

Pre-order on Juno here.
Deborah Schmidt

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