Lee Negin is set to release 2 full-length albums in 2011, Hungry Ghosts due out in February and Wu Wei set for release at a later date. Lee first came onto the scene back in 1980 with Two Sides, a 6-song EP earning him a listing in the International Discography of the New Wave. A 2nd release, Wired for Sound / Nothing Goes Right, shortly followed, gaining airplay from BBC Radio’s influential Jon Peel. In 1994 he released Balance and thereafter remained relatively quiet on the music front, until 2010 which saw the release of tracks such as Tranquil Abiding, Nothing Goes Right and Mind...the Gap.

"My musical influences are very diverse and with 'Hungry Ghosts' you can choose to whirl like a Dervish or transcend body consciousness, and everything in between. This is new world music," Negin states, "but in these tracks I think you will hear echoes of Kraftwerk, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, synth-pop bands, Jimi Hendrix, Indian ragas, modern jazz, classical music from eastern and western traditions and Frank Zappa-esque humor and social commentary." – Lee Negin

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Hungry Ghosts track-by-track:

The Sound of No Sound
Ominous yet somehow welcoming at the same time.

The Saga of Cheeze
Recalls Prince, Frank Zappa, James Brown, Tom Waits, the ‘Theme from Shaft’!

Pas de Deux
Features the vocals of Negin and Sulene Fleming, who together sound like a cosmic Sonny & Cher.

Same Town, Different Universe
Exploring the idea that reality is subjective. "Although we inhabit the same space (relatively), our perceptions and realities are different,"

One & Only True Manhood
Electronica meets heavy metal, with a bit of Frank Zappa. The story of a hyped-up used-car salesman from hell pedaling Erectile Dysfunction products!

Let Go
Double tracked chanting vocals; Negin dips into a variety of influences including The Cars & Eno.

Part One is orchestral-rock that displays Negin's love for Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone. Part Two is smiling goblins playing Middle-Eastern instruments. In Part Three, all hell breaks loose!

Dark and gothic, a tip of the hat to the great bands of the psychedelic era.

Siddhartha's Smile
A piano in the rain, an orchestra, and the voice of an angel.

Not Knowing Mind
Tabla, sitar, sarod, Indian instruments. Frightening and beautiful underneath.

Cheeze takes on the N.A.N.ites
Fusing something from every type of sonic source, including Japanese girls in orgasmic frenzy.

The Dance
Diverse Grooves, A remixer's delight.

Hungry Ghosts
The soundtrack to all your fears.

Hungry Ghosts will be released on February 7th 2011 on Passing Phase Records.

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