In the second part of our picks of 2010 we hand over to our South American and Australian offices. Casey & Carlos give up their top five releases of 2010. Showing the difference in approach to picking their favorite releases, Carlos has clearly taken more of a DJ's point of view where as Casey has taken more inspiration from home listens. Covering everything from unofficially released re-edits, ambient electronica, down tempo hiphop, peak time tech-house and 70's progrock re-edits. Hear last year in music.

Pulse South America
First up Carlos from the Buenos Aires office runs down his top five releases of 2010.

All Night

Dexter Tortoriello from Chicago made his mark on 2010 late in the game, releasing his debut LP All Night towards the end of October. Good thing then that it was one of the best albums of the year, making soft, ambient electronica very cool again.

Sun (Midland Edit)

Though technically never officially released, this edit of Caribou's Sun is arguably better than the original. In fact, I'm gonna go ahead and say that it is better. Five times better. Okay, maybe only three. Get the download here courtesy of XLR8R

Nicolas Jaar 
Love You Gotta Lose Again EP 

In my opinion, this EP showcases the 2 best records put out by Nico Jaar this year. WOUH and Love You Gotta Lose Again. Both slow, rolling, emotional affairs; both absolutely breathtaking. (Read the review on Pulse here)

Mclovin You 

Despite an amazing year, this young house producer has somehow stayed out of the headlines. This particular release on Culprit is packed full of NYC swagger; expect fat, funky basslines, lashings of energy and bigger things from this guy in 2011.



Another New York entry, this pair of producers have wasted no time in getting stuck in. You could go for the Retro-Grade edit, if you were indeed in need of something a bit tougher but really it's all about the original. Released earlier this month, expect to hear this out and about ON REPEAT.


Pulse Australia
Casey from the Sydney office talks us through her top five releases from 2010.

This was the first i heard of Eskmo and i instantly fell in love with his warm and bass heavy, hectic productions. The slowed down, drawn out beats allows me to get an over-the-top large bounce happening, reminding me of why i love hip hop so much. I never skip to a particular track as i find the album to be a complete package from start to finish, all killer no filler. 10 out of 10!!

Kasper Bjorke
Standing On Top Of Utopia

Dreamy, emotive and a little bit weird in the best possible way. This album makes me dance, it makes me happy, it inspires me and it transports me to a land of spatial looseness. Thank you Kasper, thank you very much.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse
Rebellion der Traumer

I must be on a dreamy, spacial trip in 2010 (which is definitely not a bad thing) because i'm again going for that sound in my pics', this time in the form of Kollektiv Turmstrasse's debut album. This is my lullaby. I listen to this as i fall asleep each night and it relaxes me and clears my head of the days happening. It opens the gateway for my dreams to flow freely and everything about this album tickles my soul. Hats off to Kollektiv Turmstrasse for going against the pressures of 'dancefloor music' and sharing with us this magical piece of music.

Inner West Soul
Part 1

Ok, so sometimes i take my head out of the clouds and hit the dancefloor for some solid thrusting. Enter the mysterious and aloof Inner West Soul. This re-edit of ELO's (Electric Light Orchestras) Evil Woman is straight up soulful, dancefloor funk. End of. It also inspired me to start a vinyl collection, now i just need a turntable.

Into The Great White Yonder

I love it when Trentemoller moves away from his 'club slayers' and shows us just how diverse his production skills are, with an album of electronica encompassing many moods and styles. In my opinion, it's when he really shines. Once again, this entire album is killer and features some beautiful vocalists that add to it's emotive and melancholy nature. From the western style sounds reminiscent of a Tarintino film found in Haxan, to the heartbreaking honesty of Even Though You're With Another Girl - this album enters new territory with every track.