Since the release of SCFREEP 01 a whirlwind of touring has taken the humbled Soul Clappers around the world and back! From sweaty warehouses in London, to game changing daytime parties in Miami, to massive festivals in Portugal, to pure after hours magic at Berlin's Bar 25, they've spread their house music gospel, while meeting some of the coolest and most talented musicians and DJs in the game. Many of these unique individuals have been touched by Soul Clapʼs music and in turn created their own edits/bootlegs, which have become the secret weapons of Soul Clapʼs DJ sets. Now, countless dancefloors later, Soul Clap selected a few of our favorite party rocking jams of thto present The Clap & Friends FreE.P.

First in line are Wolf + Lamb/Double Standard label mates and Brooklyn unsung heroes Nick Debruyn & Greg Paulus aka No Regular Play with "Strange Cameo". Their rework of an 80's funk gem is inspired by many Marcy Hotel dance floor moments and has an oh so classic house groove and fresh bass line begging to be danced to. Next up is a Washington DC based industry newcomer, but after hours veteran, Navid Zahraie aka
NavBox. His breakout contribution "He Likes You Too" is a stunning and emotional rework of an American singer-songwriter. This tune was one of the most magical moments of Soul Clapʼs 2010 Sunday School For Degenerates DJ set that had DJ T of Get Physical fames's jaw dropping and feet moving. Then from over the pond in the UK are the Leeds institution of Mark Caramelli and Paul Hargreaves, better known as Death On The Balcony. A few months back Soul Clap remixed them for their Magic Bag Records imprint and after a few gigs together in Leeds everyone has become close friends. They bring a dancefloor bomb with a sense of humor to the release with "Cruel Banana". This 80's pop hit gets a monster drum pump and rolling bassline guaranteed to please and cheese. Finally, to complete the release the Soul Clap vaults have been opened to reveal "Falling From The Sky". This piece was written around the same time as The RnB FreE.P., but never saw the light of day. With 90's NYC at it's filter heavy core, the Clap have built a drum and synth framework that sets an afterhours mood perfect for falling from the sky and of course puffing tough.

Additional Engineering on "He Likes You Too" and "Falling From The Sky" by Tanner "Dinosaur" Ross. Additional Engineering on "Strange Cameo" and "Cruel Banana" by Gadi "G$" Mizrahi.


Download the EP here