Online ticket sales. Made Easy.

Multiple events, multiple price levels and releases, multiple promotions everywhere.

PulsePRO™'s event ticketing system
provides you with powerful tools to
manage your ticket sales and box office
online and mobile.

Online event ticketing
the easy way.

Create events, choose price tiers, set ticket inventory and sales periods and your ready to start selling tickets online.

  • Add Ticket Details Clarify what your ticket buyers are purchasing with handy info bubbles showing relevant info.
  • Adjust online & on-site prices Indicate different prices for door transactions using crowd and tickets sold through PulsePRO™.
  • Sharp Listing System Set individual and global capacities to guarantee you never surpass your venue’s capacity.
  • Cover Discounted Tiers Have VIP or loyalty program tickets on sale? Add a promotional ticket price tier.

Time your deals

PulsePRO™ allows you to specify release times for varying ticket price levels making early bird tickets a simple task. When used in combination with presale codes you can help create promotional buzz around your event.

For extremely popular events PulsePRO™ supports an electronic poll system for ticket buyers to register to purchase tickets on a specified date, allowing you to collect marketing data from even those that weren’t fortunate enough to win.

  • Step-by-step event listings Listing an event becomes less complicated. In less than 3-steps using our ticketing admin, enter basic info, pricing, options and you’re done.
  • Begin selling in minutes Creating an event in our PulsePRO™ admin window easy. You’ll be done in less than 5 minutes. We call it pro-ticketing-on-demand and it’s available today.
  • Select your options. Want ticket buyers to be able to share your event on Facebook? Want a promotional widget to embed on your site? Done. Want people to be able to comment with their friends on your event page? Done. Want to show a venue map? Done. The opportunities are infinite. Not sure the way this reads See: PulseREP Program

Event ticketing distribution
with flair.

Wether you go paperless of event goers love having their tickets in hand. PulsePRO™ has you and them covered. PulsePRO™ offers our event organizers an array of ticket distribution choices to suit all your events.

  • Printable Branded Tickets tickets with your branding/advertising Issued to your ticket buyers for them to print and take on the evening of your event.
  • Mobile Ticketing Quicken the queue by having ticket buyers receive a barcode/QR code on their mobile phone which they can have scanned in at your event, getting them into the mix sooner.
  • Will-Call Tickets Have ticket buyers pick-up hardcopy tickets at your venue’s box-office for entrance on the evening of your event.

Customer relationship management

  • Manage customers

    Easily manage customer info and drill down into specifics when needed. PulsePRO™ makes customer management stress-free with our simple search and crowd utilities.

  • Stress-free Access For Patrons

    PulsePRO™ allows all your patrons to re-download their tickets and see their purchases from their my tickets page, removing fulfillment concerns for you and your team.

  • Set up multiple staff logins

    PulsePRO™ lets you to create infinite team accounts for your business to be used to log in to the administration area where your team can manage your online ticket sales.

    You have can limit permission and access to staff accounts. Only designated team members can process orders, manage inventory, manage promotions, process refunds etc.

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