mobile event ticketing


Mobile Event Ticketing.
Completely paperless Go green!

Never have to print an e-ticket again. PulsePRO™ ‘s mobile ticketing platform, allows you to send tickets directly to your phone.

Let your ticket buyers choose.

When your patrons purchase tickets they will be asked to select mobile as a ticket delivery option. They are then sent an e-ticket to mobile, which is used to get them breezed through the queue.

PulsePRO™ then sends your ticket buyers a reminder via SMS that their tickets will be sent to them 24 hours before the event. Ticket buyers can have their tickets re-sent from their my pulse/tickets section.

Mobile Ticketing:
How does it Work?

PulsePRO™ automatically sends all of your ticket buyers a text message with a link to download their e-tickets, 24 hours before your event . All your ticket buyers are asked to do is click the link where they are shown their barcode, directions and start time of your event.

Ticket buyer's friends and will have their individual tickets distributed to their them after having supplied multiple mobile numbers of friends who Ticket buyers have purchased tickets for.

Ticket buyers are also asked to share their purchase with friends who have yet to confirmed their attendance or have previously purchased tickets to your event through Facebook and Twitter.

Attendees mobile devices are their tickets.

Reduce your events environmental impact and get punters through the queue quickly. Most everyone who buys your tickets has smart phones. Mobile ticketing is a great way to reduce your environmental impact while expediting your queue.

PulsePRO™ provides a completely paper-less event ticketing solution for your event. Through using our PulsePRO™ iphone application event organizers and staff can scan the barcodes straight off your ticket buyers mobile phones.

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