event ticket sales reporting


Up to Date Ticket & Sales Reporting

Gain intimate and measurable insights into your Buyers behaviors with PulsePRO™ sals and reporting admin tools.

Track and understand their ticket sales with PulsePRO™ event organizers tools that generate custom reports through your report builder. Fine-tune your sales analysis and get the information you need around your attendees.

PulsePRO™ is PCI compliant and uses SSL certificates to keep customer details secure, keeping all sales and customer data encrypted and secure.

PulsePRO™ Prebuilt Report Templates

PulsePRO™ offers function planners with heaps of prebuilt function ticketing reports, for instance: Event Audits, Refunds, Custom made Query Replies and a lot more. You commit less time seeking the particular figures you may need and much more time planing your next function.

Real-time ticket sale viewer

View ticket sales as they happen on any internet connected device. Login 24/7 to your admin panel to see up to date sales data all the way down to single customer and order details.

PulsePRO™ also may send daily emails letting you know how sales are progressing, even without having to login to see how many tickets you’ve sold.

  • Restrict report access

    Keep customer data secure. PulsePRO™ allows event organisers to restrict specific organisation members access to the event ticketing reports.

  • Coupon Conversion Reports

    Test your marketing strategy and multiple campaigns by using different coupons to see who used the most and the total amounts saved by your customers.

  • Custom Question Answers

    Further aid marketing campaigns or provide special arrangements for your event by exporting and view the results of your custom questions.

  • Organisational Reports

    In just a few clicks, review sales breakdowns all of your organisations outlets and affiliates.

PulsePRO-Cities™ Beta

See which cities are generating the most of your sales with PulsePRO™. Determine which areas to geo-target in your campaigns and other advertising efforts.

Please contact your event ticketing manager to have it enabled for your account if your interested in taking part in the beta.

Learn about PulsePRO™ ’s secure ticketing online.