event admissions


Process event entrances in no time.

PulsePRO™ has your event admissions covered, wherever and whatever it is.

Your iPhone is your ticket

Adding to your online ticket sales management suite of tools, PulsePRO™ includes a free iPhone application to confirm attendees tickets at the door.

  • SCAN MOBILE & PAPER TICKETS WITH THE QR READER NO matter what the size of your event or duration PulsePRO™ has you covered.
  • OPTIONAL LINEA PRO 2D SCANNER FOR LARGE EVENTS For events from 500 - 5000 people, we recommend the Linea Pro scanners.
  • EASILY MANAGE YOUR DOOR See the stats in real time, including attendees, sales and more.
  • UpLOAD GUEST LISTS AND INSTANT SEARCH Upload your complete guest list and search instantly on the door.
  • OPTIONAL Lithium Battery GUN HOLDER FOR LINEA PRO Designed to handle highest admissions volumes.

PulsePRO™ ’s pro-scan application allows you to process thousands of attendees in record time no matter the size of your event, within multiple bar code and scanner solutions, helping to keep lines to a minimum.

  • Confirm tickets at your event entrances with your Free iphone application.
  • Reduce wait times for your customers by using iphone ticket scanners at multiple entry points.
  • Every ticket is validated by the iphone scanners, eliminating ticket fraud with unique barcodes.

Sync between multiple devices

Ensure duplicate tickets aren’t presented at multiple
entrance points by verifying
tickets that are automatically synchronised between all active ticket scanners.

PulsePRO™'s Pro-scan can be used with Linea Pro to decrease scan times by half

Rent or purchase our Linea Pro iphone attachment to decrease the scan time of your scanners to process twice as many tickets, reducing admission times significantly.

PulsePRO™ - Scan Features:

  • Multiple Devices Synced
  • Optional Linea Pro accessories
  • Scan Options in 2D and 1D
  • Scanners simple to use
  • Quicker Admission Times
  • Fraud Alert

    PulsePRO™ - alerts staff when a ticket has already been redeemed by ticket buyers to your event.
  • Entrance Reports

    Discern your most effective entry points and see which were ineffective and causing bottlenecks to you entrance flow.
  • Auto Notifications

    App updates are all automatically pushed to your ticket scanners to ensure they are all synchronized and up-to-date.